Switch on your PS3 remotely!

During a demonstration at the Tokyo Game Show 2007, Kaz Hirai revealed that the PS3 and PSP's Remote Play functionality has been updated so that you'll be able to switch on, and switch off, your PS3 from anywhere in the world.

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Blackmoses3738d ago

now that's smart.... should have been thought of when they brought out the whole remote play over the internet.....

DJ3738d ago

our PS3's over a network connection without potentially leaving the system on all day long (for long-distance remote play). This is necessary, but cool. Sony needs to continue pushing Remote Play as it's a great feature that no other competitor can offer.

PimpHandHappy3738d ago

why would you need this? Its not like leaving the oven or iron on. I dont understand why this is cool?

someone help me out

i dont own a psp and never will....

joevfx3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

one good reason is cause you cant turn off your controller when you leave it on remote play. that means you either come home to a dead controller or have to have it plugged into the usb contstantly chargeing which will kill the battery life faster.

FungLip3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

It's not an oven but if you are gonna leave home for a week going to a trip or something, you r not gonna leave your ps3 on for a full whole week will ya?

Also, instead of leaving your ps3 on everyday; you can turn it on whenever you want for a demo download or playing a game. You just need to bring your psp w/o the worries of needing it or not.

CannonB83738d ago

Just think about it, lying next to a pool in some far off country and you're in a hotel which has wireless coverage. Maybe you want to listen to music or watch a film, stored on your PS3's hard drive. This will allow you to do that.

I, for one, can't wait till it's implemented.

Omegasyde3738d ago

lmao. seriosly give me a break, Why waste resources towards a minor feature?

The resources and time spent on this "clever" gimmick should of been towards getting In-game music/Instant messaging during a game...

OR at least a freaking pinball game that utilizes the 6axis motion.

Damn Sony get with the program and start marketing the ps3 as a videogame/Movie player, not as a super computer!

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tehcellownu3738d ago

Its great u can be able to use your psp as the ps3 controllers too..

jackie chann3738d ago

This is cool and makes you feel like james bond, though it is pretty pointless

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The story is too old to be commented.