GT5 isn't a game, claims Shift 2 producer

Sony and Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5 is not considered a game by Shift 2 producer Jesse Abney.

Abney told that in his eyes, a product needs to meet certain criteria in order to be classified as a game. When judged against this criteria, he believes Gran Turismo 5 falls short.

"I've never really considered GT5 a game," Abney told "A game to us equals fun, equals entertainment - and Need For Speed has always been about entertaining and fun.

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hay2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Lol, getting publicity using GT5? So lame :D
Acutally I had more fun with GT5 alone than any NFS game combined excluding Hot Pursuit when it came out.

Chug2706d ago

I bought both GT5 & NFS:HP and had fun with both of them but ended up selling NFS after a couple of weeks. It was fun while it lasted but had no longevity what so ever as opposed to GT5.

imvix2706d ago

Actually i found NFS hot pursuit to be garbage. With EAs constant milking schedule i am sure another NFS will be announced as soon as shift 2 is released. After buying NFS hotpursuit i am staying far far away.

gorebago2706d ago

I sold hot pursuit after a week. I still own gt5 and love it!

jjohan352706d ago

Their definition of a game= gotta milk the franchise and pump out 1 game per year minimum.

Istanbull2706d ago

GT5 isn't a game, its a simulator, a form of art wich NFS will never be. A wannabe racing sim/arcade racer?

No thanks, I'll just play GT5 till GT6 comes out.

Tr10wn2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

@Istanbull Enjoy playing GT5 for the next.... 5 years? oh btw get ready to get 800 cars ported from GT5 to GT6... oops my bad GT5 only had 200 premium cars.

The only thing Shift 2 have similar to Hot Pursuit is the NFS logo since the game have another developer which means another "PRODUCER" just a little info for the retards.

hay2706d ago

@sanad: And each one of them drives differently and fantastically, like it should be in driving game.
Your point?

MidnytRain2706d ago

In reality, it doesn't make sense to dump all of the vehicles in their repetoire when they've worked so hard for the past five years making them, only to have to remodel one thousand new cars just to avoid having similar models. At this point, being a simulator, GT won't make any huge leaps, it can only be improved regarding technical aspects, features, and scale.

ABizzel12706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

"A game to us equals fun, equals entertainment"

Key phrase "TO US".

Everyone who has GT5 loves it.

tablav2706d ago

I think NFS is a great game, but at the end of the day, it's an arcade racer. GT5 is a racing simulator and is a much much deeper gaming experience.

If I wanted a quick adrenaline fueled racer, I'd pick NFS over GT5, but it really depends on mood. They may both have cars, but they are not the same type of game.

Oh, and name-dropping GT5 to get your opinion listened to...not cool. Succeed on your own merits, not those of others.

StanLee2706d ago

"I've never really considered GT5 a game," Abney told "A game to us equals fun, equals entertainment"


ComboBreaker2706d ago

Of course GT5 isn't a game. It's a f*cking Real Driving Simulator!

Shift, on the other hand, is just an arcade racing game.

Anon19742705d ago

Wow. So Gran Turismo 5 is no fun? Why didn't anyone tell us!? They probably could have saved people millions collectively and spared gamers countless hours if they had only informed us before hand that GT5 is no fun. But they had to keep it to themselves! Those bastards. /s

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punkpop1012706d ago

Well that was you and probably all the ps3 fanboys since there's people who care only about Fast & The Furious esque games and don't give a crap about GT5.

Hanif-8762706d ago

I'd say that too but NFS Underground 2 is my favorite NFS game. I choose GT5 for simulation and NFS Underground 2 for my arcade racing :-)

Crazyglues2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Actually he's right, it's not a Game -it's an Experience... And once you experience it, you realize just how lackluster all other racing games seem to be when compared to the real (which is GT5)..

So I don't expect anything good from Shift 2... They needed to step their game up hard, and they clearly didn't... So now it's time to just say your as Good as the best Racing game out on Consoles.. Ok -Serious Marketing Fail -101

This guy said his Graphics were going to surpass GT5.. Yeah Ok, bold statement, I know... Well someone get this guy some glasses because I've seen shift 2's graphics...

-and let's just say it doesn't even come close to GT5, maybe you can battle with GRID a game that came out about 2 years ago -but comparing your game to GT5 is just Silly...

Here is a picture of me In-Game in GT5 racing on the Deep Forest Raceway... -Shift2 wish they could look that good...

Again you are comparing your game to this -
I mean come on', you gotta be kidding me..

This guy is better off comparing his game to GRID or F1 2010 at least then maybe some of the stuff he says could actually be believable


Marked2706d ago

Back in IDK, 95, the first NFS was released for the PC. I had alot of fun with that game and it only had like 6 tracks and 6 cars. Anyone remember the ford GT90?

That game was designed to be a simulator and that was the most fun I had with a NFS title, I was only 15 though LOL.

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C L O U D2706d ago

Well... GT5 gives me fun and entertainment.
I don't get why he has to compare it to NFS, it's on a whole different level.

GiggMan2706d ago

Wow I guess driving a real car isn't fun either. Unless you are getting chased by police and going 80mph around corners...

edgeofblade2706d ago

I find drifting around a corner and threading through a police roadblock... during the drift... to be quite exhilarating. I can't get that kind of experience in GT5. In fact, that would be a heresy to the GT faithful.

GiggMan2706d ago

lol I guess that would be fun. Even more so in real life though.

wenaldy2706d ago

GT5 is driving sims.. Geez, use your brain for once..

Olvipoika2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

gt5 is more than game ... shift was rubbish and gonna stay that way ........ ( shitf = wanna be granturismo) :)

edgeofblade2706d ago

Agreed. NFS should stick to what it does well: street racing, unrealistic grip, turbo boosts, and cop chases.

TheTruth892706d ago

try harder noob devlopers.

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