How LiveArea and NGP Will Effect Handheld Gaming

Sony’s new NGP handheld features a host of GPS features, and if you’re tracking with all these acronyms you probably want to know what it all means.

Sony wants you to get to know the people you pass on the street. All NGPs will come with built in GPS technology and software called LiveArea.

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Shazz2706d ago

get this live area onto the ps3 asap if you can chat to people while gaming lol

sinncross2706d ago

lol yeah. This sounds like interesting concepts indeed!

I just want to know whether ony will release more third party official apps like Chrome/ Firefox for the browser etc.

Spitfire_Riggz2705d ago

Hopefully they integrate everything from the NGP to the Ps3. So we should be getting some awesome updates hopefully

Deathstroke2705d ago

It won't.

NGP? Not Gonna Purchase

Jezuz2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

hahah funny, but seriously? You're not gonna buy it?

Jezuz2705d ago

2 disagrees? c'mon you gotta admit it was funny.

SasanovaS19872705d ago

no problem, cus to it, it means noob got pooned, and that would be you

skrug2705d ago

Affect.. not effect...

Dsnyder2705d ago

Damn it beat me to it.

While we are at it
You're not your
A lot not alot
Thier not thier

Grammar is power!

Thudd2705d ago

While YOU'RE at it...

Their not Thier

You're right however, grammar is power, but only if you can spell too!

nevin12705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Well its too bad not all PSP2 owners will have the 3G model.

Masterchef20072705d ago

yeah theres going to be 3 models
1. NGP Wifi only
1. NGP Wifi + GPS
2. NGP Wifi + GPS + 3G

And as for pricing i am predicting that each one will be 50€ apart from the other.

1. 299€
2. 249€
3. 399€

BTW these are just my predicions. So dont flame me pls

nevin12705d ago

3 models?

And I don't get Wifi + GPS and Wifi only. Im no GPS expert but shouldn't it be included in all models?

Masterchef20072705d ago

that depends on how the GPS works. But your right it probably uses the earths electromagnetic field to determine the location

tplarkin72705d ago

LiveArea? I wonder if Microsoft has any legal issues with that name?

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