Game Informer: Hands-On With Uncharted For NGP

GI: As part of my NGP demonstration following Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2011, I had a chance to try out the new Uncharted game being developed for the handheld. How does Drake's first handheld adventure feel with the addition of touch controls and aiming via the system's gyroscope? So far, so good.

My brief hands-on time with Uncharted on NGP was essentially the same portion of the game that Shu Yoshida demoed on-stage during the PlayStation Meeting.

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sinncross2882d ago

Oh my!

Sounds really awesome!

ABizzel12882d ago

The first person camera stuff sounds like it would make a cool detective game like heavy rain. Imagine having to take pictures of crime scenes. I smell innovation.

Spinal2882d ago

Gotta say it looked awesome on the PSP 2 and played well with Touchscreen. If i had a need for a handheld i'd get this device.

But i only need my phone in pocket so the xperia play is more for me.

BubbleSniper2882d ago

uncharted on PSP2 and looking nearly as good as PS3 UC1!?!?

i am bout to feint..

Eidolon2882d ago

I bet they could squeeze more out of the handheld, though I'm not sure how far the battery will take it, hopefully it will be chargeable through usb-computer.