Sony Won't be Home Until Next Spring

Sony announced today during its Tokyo Game Show Keynote that Home won't be launching this year like previously planned. Home is now planned to be released early next Spring.

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akaFullMetal3737d ago

this sucks, but hey if its not done then well its not done, guess we will just have to play the waiting game :(

nasim3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I have resistance,motorstorm,lair,hea venly sword,uncharted,ratchet and clank,GT5 prologue, Ut3,haze,wowhawk ,folklore,minna fold and DW 6----just enough games to keep me happy for 2007

i dont need HOME but i need the new PSP

PSP games on a 72" TV screen at 480p

wow just woooooooooooow

@ BOTS below

there are just too many games to keep the ps3 owners happy this year.

Think about ur garbage box 360 and its toon games

BTW William

90% of ps3 exclusive games look far better than CARTOON HALO 3 which has 0 preorders in JAPAN and EU

SonyDefenseForce3737d ago

i guess not many people will be Buying PS3's this Christmas what with HOME being Delayed i never thougt they would Delay something with so much Hope and Anticipation...but hey it's SONY they can Delay anything

xplosneer3737d ago

With the 72" TV remark. You just totally owned yourself. @480p would look like....

Fisher3393737d ago

As a sony fan (ps1 thru ps3) I can admit all this delaying is getting old.
It's almost like sony doesnt care anymore, I think...?

Luckily sony packed the ps3 full of good features, but i hate waiting for the great ones.

reaferfore203737d ago

If they didn't care they WOULDN'T delay anything. They would rush out an unfinished piece of crap just to make money. If a game isn't finished then it needs to be delayed to make the final cut. I would much rather wait a couple of extra months to play something spectacular then get an unfinished version a few months earlier.

Biphter3737d ago

STFU already with your constant ramblings, you make PS3 owners seem idiotic. Your not helping in any way.

QuackPot3737d ago

Home could become the biggest MMORPG ever if they get it right - all for free.

It should be like a city where you can drive vehicles, fly, play sports, buy and run shops, design and build homes etc as well as be a link to video games.

I've seen glimpes of of this but there's alot to be done. I hope Sony sees the vision that I have for home.

I don't mind waiting. Just get it right Sony.

rubarb233736d ago

didn't i flush you down the toilet yesterday?

BIGBAER3736d ago

"Halo 3 has no pre-orders in Japan..."

Ummm, no.

bluebrad19743736d ago

It's playstation, buy it!! Please sony, get over yourself. Yeah, breaking news, your plan for world domination backfired. You didn't put gaming first, you janked everyone and put your new tv,movie,and money skam ahead of what gamers care about most, quality gaming.

Thanks for your astounding PR department sony!! Otherwise average people couldn't figure out for themselves that the Cell processor was built for video decoding(even though the ps3 is $100-200 too expensive), with blu-ray. BTW, how is Toshiba's new line of hdtv's fairing with the spectacular Cell processor? Game devs know your bs.

Pleeez buy a ps3, pleeez, pleeez,pleeez...

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iheartSONY3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

NOOOOOOO is correct but does this mean that us PS3 owners are now "HOMELESS"? Get it "HOME"-"LESS&qu ot;. HA hA.

MikeGdaGod3737d ago


na na nana na!!!

just kinda, guys. don't worry. truthfully you're not missing much right now. there's still alot you can't do (upload video, pictures, music) and i've been VERY active in talking with sony about HOME and things that need to added, deleted and wants of the PSN community.

some member of this site can tell you i even take suggestions from them that i think are good and put them in writing for sony. if you guys have anything you'd like to see that hasn't been announced yet, let me know.

PSN: MikeG115

reaferfore203737d ago

Hey scotty! I want to be able to fistfight people. Tell them to implement that!

monkey6023737d ago

hey scottie i want to have a pet monkey ;) or better again an apartment full of them *drifts off thinking off all the hilarious antics they would get into*

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tplarkin73737d ago

The best things in life are free.

fenderputty3737d ago

I was a little bummed but, you're right. It's free and as long as it gets done right then, 3-4 more months aint gonna kill me. Just make sure you keep bringing the games. I'm stoked on HS. Great game. Then it's back to warhawk until drakes fortune hits.

WilliamRLBaker3737d ago

not really a good 90% of the time free stuff is tasteless, stupid, and cheaply made.

Synex3736d ago

Actually isn't that saying focused more towards things like Love and Happiness? Not items...

xplosneer3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Xbox 360 guys now have a reason to flame, yet I totally agree with them. Sony, you annouced a CONTROLLER AND A DELAY. That's NOT a Press Conference, that's a PR disaster.
I'm a PS3 guy but no spin will make this good.

jackdoe3737d ago

There is never a justified reason to flame. This is just news.

xplosneer3737d ago

but do you think that will stop them?