2k Play announces Carnival Games for Kinect

New Kinect game announcements are few and far between of late, especially since everyone's still keeping their new titles under their hats for E3. However, 2k Play have announced this morning, that they will be bringing the popular Carnival Games franchise to the system this April.

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thereapersson2880d ago

The comments in here are going to get extremely hilarious in a hurry...

malandra2880d ago

wake me up when there's something new that my mom wouldn't enjoy playing

Biggest2880d ago

Are you crazy?!? How is this NOT front page 1000 degree information? Get the word out there guys.

C A R N I V A L G A M E S!!!!!!

malandra2880d ago

the same day Sony announces like 5 new harcore games for its handheld, the once hardcore 360 gets carnival games

and it still has only 2 hardcore games announced for 2011 (gears 3 and forza 4)

Nicaragua2880d ago

be still my beating heart

radphil2880d ago

And so it unfortunately begins.

PR_FROM_OHIO2880d ago

Sad but this the new 360's image!!

hatchimatchi2880d ago

Gosh, what a day of great reveals.

Sony shows off the NGP

and the 360 gets.......carnival games.

Maybe it'll feature some unlockable dashboard costumes

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