Faking News: Dead Space 2 Protagonist is Afraid of Dead Space 2

Isaac Clarke, hero of the Dead Space 2, said he doesn't want any part of Visceral Games newest installment in the series because it's "too f***ing scary."

In 2009, Clarke managed to best waves of a parasitic alien race known as the Necromorphs. However, the polymorphic creatures left their mark as Clarke now suffers from psychosomatic complications, i.e. he's completely off his rocker.

Now with a second part written, the Dead Space story continues. Clarke, who spends most of his days sobbing and painting landscapes while listening to Sarah McLachlan, has to fight the Necromorphs once again. But he really, really doesn't want to.

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BigManFanelli2878d ago

I laughed out loud. Good stuff.

DanCrabtree2877d ago

Turns out its more actiony stressful than straight up scary, at least after the first chapter.