Battlefield Play4Free "Oman" Map Unlocking This Saturday + Code Giveaway

Bryce Wilson of RipTen; "For any of you people lucky enough to be included in the Battlefield Play4Free Beta, you will be happy to knoa that EA is unlocking a new map called "Oman" this Saturday for 24 hours of gameplay."

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Active Reload2877d ago

Brink May 17th. Battlefield is awesome...someone told me.

Drjft2878d ago

Looking forward to trying this new map out!

Pandamobile2877d ago

Oman was my favorite map in BF2. Can't wait :D

TheBand1t2877d ago

Here's hoping for Kubra Dam next

Kon2877d ago

I didn't touched the beta in a long time. Might check this out

Lirky2877d ago

Ive been in the beta forever its fun its battlefield with the destructable environments.