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Uncharted on the PSP2/NGP: Better Quality at 720P and Longer Too

GB: "So earlier today, it was announced that Uncharted will come over to the PSP2/NGP. There were also a lot of videos leaked on Youtube but they were all 360P. The one we got is not only longer but is 720P. So without any delays, check it out."


THIS ONE IS ALMOST 9 MINS AND IS 720P (PS Vita, Uncharted: Golden Abyss)

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Shubhankar  +   1582d ago
This is effing awesome. Uncharted on a handheld! I always wanted this! And this seems no different than the console UCs :D
So psyched, if Naughty Dog gets this right on the NGP (bad name), I'm gonna buy this for sure. And PLEASE let it be a launch title!
Cloudberry  +   1582d ago
Does it confirmed it would be Naughty Dog develops this?
I just logged in a few hours ago & browsed all the news quick (information overload) so I still don't know...


I just remembered that it might be SONY Bend Studio working the Uncharted NGP...

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Rashid Sayed  +   1582d ago

probably no.

Good example is Ready at Dawn studios who made Ghost of Sparta. But if I were Sony I would not trust anyone but Naughty dog to make the portable Uncharted.
SnakeMustDie  +   1582d ago
The guy who is playing mentioned "Noti Dogu" so probably they are making it. He said it about 2:40.

Edit: Bend Studios are also mentioned. They probably mentioned ND as the series creator and Bend as the ones who are actually making the PSP game.
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newhumanbreed  +   1582d ago
I doubt Naughty Dog is developing it because they are very busy with Uncharted 3.
Jezuz  +   1582d ago
Ready at dawn should do this if Naughty Dog can't since both of them are awesome
inveni0  +   1582d ago
I actually like the name "NGP" because it truly is a next-generation handheld. Other cpu/gpu combinations on other handhelds just can't compete. I mean come one...quad-core? Seriously? That's amazing. Handheld consoles are now officially better than my PC. (Though I'm upgrading in a week.)
I_find_it_funny  +   1582d ago
Is this Drake's Fortune or stand alone game
Cloudberry  +   1582d ago
Finished watching it.

0:34 - Hot Shot Golf Next; cool Gyroscope.

0:43 - Gravity Daze; another game which also using Gyroscope (?), cool game-play too.

0:57 - Killzone; with dual analog stick, no more camera view with buttons again, lol.

1:08 - Hustler King; looks good.

1:13 - Reality Fighters; the first augmented reality game for NGP? Looks good by the way.

1:17 - Smart As; awesome game name, lol.

1:24 - Broken; doesn't look like it, lol.

1:32 - LittleBigPlanet; looks good.

1:37 - Little Deviants; looks good too.

1:48 - Wipeout; using Gyroscope too, cool.

1:53 - Resistance; looks intense.

2:00 - Uncharted; finally... Awesome.
ComboBreaker  +   1582d ago
A handheld that looks better than the 360,
and looks comparable to the PS3.

Resolution is 960x544, which is Alan Wake can't even manage properly on Xbox 360.
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cyborg  +   1582d ago
I can't wait for all of these
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1582d ago
crystalnova2004  +   1582d ago
Best start picking up my jaw from off the floor...
SnakeMustDie  +   1582d ago
The graphics looks amazing. It looks like between UC1 and UC2 level graphics. Probably with optimization it would look as good as UC2.
Mystickay86  +   1582d ago
ngp - Nintendo got pwned. Awesome.
Xfanboy  +   1582d ago
not really If people like 3d they will buy 3ds! if psp2 offers 3d then it would be more to go against 3ds! better graphics mean nothing.. Both will be overpriced anyway!
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SoSLy  +   1582d ago
I would rather have a super HD handheld than SD 3D. IMO
slutface  +   1582d ago
OMFG this is amazing
GiggMan  +   1582d ago
No one does "montages" as well as Sony.
Stealth20k  +   1582d ago
nintendo isnt gett pwned by anything. The same psp vs ds arguement applies here even more when we literally have no idea what the price of this thing is

When parents go to the store durign the holidays to buy a new portable and they see the price 250 vs 350 dollars what do you think will happen? Not to mention the fact that the 3ds will have alot of games by then

Dont get me wrong I will be getting both portables but the hype is ridiculous
pain777pas  +   1582d ago
there is nothing the the 3DS can do that NGP cant except 3D. NGP has 2 analog sticks and touch panels on the front and back. I am leaning towards the NGP for me personally. 3DS will be a smash success if there are no eye problem issues from users. Still getting both but E3 will be intersting.
AusWarrior  +   1582d ago
Does look amazing, I just hope I won't cry too much at the price tag :/ I really want one though lol
Masterchef2007  +   1582d ago
I saw a vid earlier of the same thing but it had better quality
NYC_Gamer  +   1582d ago
they should have made a new uncharted game for the psp2
visualb  +   1582d ago
it is a new uncharted =O
NYC_Gamer  +   1582d ago
yeah,my mistake i thought it was the original.
pain777pas  +   1582d ago
Could be a prequel to the original.
7bitarcade  +   1582d ago
From a playing point of view, i am confused by the amount of control inputs they have put into the system. I thought sony were always out to make consoles for gamers, however having to slide your fingers up and down on the back to climb worries me a little, as it could cause confusion and an overkill of control techniques.

Apart from that, the graphics look stunning for a portable, lets just hope Sony get as many developers behind it as possible.
MaximusPrime  +   1582d ago
now i can see why NGP has gyroscope. you can use it for sniper. it looks a whole lot trickier than i thought.

Uncharted as a whole looks great. of course this is not a final build, so im looking forward to see more in the near future
Kurt Russell  +   1582d ago
Looks amazing. I bet it will be way our of my price range though :(

Is it going to be like they PSP Go with crappy download only media? I am against that personally, but I don't see anywhere on that thing to plug in a UMD or equivalent.
NnT3291  +   1582d ago
thats one beastly machine
Eidolon  +   1582d ago
I love the 5inch screen, one reason I don't like the 3DS is because the screen is so damn small.
Lamarthedancer  +   1582d ago
I wonder what the story will be for the new Uncharted.

RevXM  +   1582d ago
Saying it produces ps3 graphics is an eaggeration.
But those visuals are certainly comparable to 360/ps3.
And the potensial is huge, It may produce visuals someday that match Kz2 in most ways.

ULTIMATE handheld!
ITs perfect.
AFK... going to change my underwear.

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