Gran Turismo Prolouge Cruising Japanese Streets December 13

Sony TGS press conference makes date official - Blu-ray/PSN release on December 13.

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Blackmoses3778d ago

nice......may have to try and get back into the game again.

Fighter3778d ago

It's coming out in Japan early December so I'm guessing it will arrive in North America by late Jan or Feb? I hope it's a simultaneous release throughout all regions.

nekon3778d ago

Hopefully we get it this year rather then 2008.

MaximusPrime3778d ago

yea we will probably get it early next year. i think they have to translate from Japanese to English.

It will be a hit that game.

heavymetal3k3778d ago

Hope it makes it out in NA by the end of the year.

level 3603778d ago

I'll definitely be getting this game it will be a classic same goes for the 'real' GranTurismo 5, does'nt really matter for me if it takes awhile
'cause I'll still be enjoying my Project Gotham 4...

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