Uncharted NGP (PSP 2) Tokyo Press Conference Demo (Next Generation Portable)

A high quality video has popped up that shows Uncharted for PSP 2 (Codename NGP). The video offers a clearer look at the astonishing graphics and delivers infos about the Rear Touchscreen use in Uncharted for PSP2.

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SnakeMustDie2728d ago

There is also a lack of L2/R2 buttons on NGP. The Rear touchpads are probably for those functions.

Cloudberry2728d ago

The rear touchpad could be used for the exchange of L2 & R2 button.

deadpoole2728d ago

OMGGGG ... this is just amazing.

WhittO2728d ago

That is amazing!

Wonder how hot it gets after an hours worth of gaming, there is alot of power packed into there!

Glad the touchscreen is capactive too, nothing worth than an unresponsive inaccurate resitive touchscreen.

ComboBreaker2728d ago

It's very accurate and precise, just like the Playstation Move.

xtheownerzx2728d ago

yea that was my first impression also

bitboi2728d ago

unfortunately, the back touch pad and screen will be the leased used by developers. Especially with the dual analogs.

CherryLu-Chan2728d ago (Edited 2728d ago )

Dear Lord, that looks incredible!

I wonder how the firing/holster weapon aspects are going to work though.
Could be the touchpad as mentioned, although, maybe there will be an icon on screen to press instead?!

Is this a straight remake of the original, or a brand new game?

King_many_layers2728d ago

I'm confused. Are you asking how are we going to aim ??

If so, it does have a left button and right button (L1 and R1)

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The story is too old to be commented.