TGS 2007: PlayStation Store on the PC

Sony announced today at its TGS 2007 press conference that users will now be able to access the PlayStation Store via their PC.

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Fisher3393834d ago

what good is downloading ps3 demos gonna do?

will it be for the trailers and stuff?

Kyur4ThePain3834d ago

Demos and games won't run on the PC.

akaFullMetal3834d ago

well you can download the demo's and just take them from the computer to your ps3 if you dont want your ps3 on or something, also its good for psp users who dont have a ps3, now they can download psone games if they like

madness3834d ago

to a link...

great posting skills!

scheme_a3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

Can this be it?

Interface design is useless.
they should have more stuff shown on one screen.
Same thing goes to PSN on PS3 too.

Omegasyde3834d ago

Theres a reason its Bare....

( Keep It Simple, Stupid. ) <= Not intended for us but for the minority that has a hard time figuring out stuff. I.E. The casual-gamers...

"It's so easy, a caveman could do it."

Adamalicious3833d ago

That's not it. That's been up for a while and doesn't match with the image they showed at the conference. It's just PSN info, like a catalog - but not the PS Store.

calidredz3834d ago

How long will it take? Sony is really slow with anything online. Ive had my PS3 for 3 months lets go already. Thank god my 360 fulfills my itch with fast demos. I want both to succeed as a consumer but the gamer in me says hurry the F up Sony.

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