Lost Planet NGP trailer

Here is the trailer that was showed at the Playstation Meeting of Lost Planet for the new NGP (psp2).

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PrettyinPurple2851d ago

Lost Planet 2 port. Glad Japan gets a game they love, on a machine they love.


They stated that is a build of 2 weeks, so is impressive.

BattleAxe2850d ago

I've only ever played the demo for this game on PS3, but from what i hear the PS3 and PC versions are dead, so if they come out with this on NGP, I'll probably pick it up as there should be somewhat of a community on the new platform.

Lirky2850d ago

These graphics are impressive better than psone era graphics. Gameplay wise im sure psp2/ngp gameplay features will be great. Everytime i see new ngp/psp2 gameplay vids or cinematecs it makes me and everyone else realize that this is stronger than Ps1 and possibly Ps2 as well.

kesvalk2850d ago

you're trolling right?

i mean, even the DS has better graphics than PSone, why the PSP 2 won't? heck, the PSP has graphics almost on par with the PS2


Edito2850d ago

You saw MGS4 on the PSP2 you saw the visuals how can you talk about PS1 or PS2 lol the PSP2 is more powerful than the 360 lol don't get me wrong i just think you are lower the PSP2 like this cause even some cell phones now days are better that PS2 and PS1.

Kroganwrex2850d ago

If I see one more person delude themselves into saying the Psp2 is more powerful than the xbox 360 I think I will go crazy. You DO realise that by saying that you are also saying that the Psp2 is more powerful than the ps3 too?

Its clearly not more powerful than either, every-game so far has looked great visually, but if you actually pay attention you would see the texture resolution has taken a huge hit compared to console counterparts.

PrettyinPurple2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

I think the NGP can have games that look better than Xbox 360 games. It has a somewhat tiny screen (relative to a large television) with a near sub-HD resolution. Lost Planet 2 looks like the textures and LOD have been reduced, but A: this is a lunch title, that's a very rushed port, and B: it'll look comparatively better due to the smaller screen.

Besides, the sort of memory they're using for the NGP could allow games to have a lot of content. Maybe one up to 4~16GB? The point being more diverse textures for better art-styles.

Fishy Fingers2850d ago

I want price, date ,homebrew OS (Linex/Windows) and a place to pre-order.

Cheaper than a tablet, but with better games/performance.

T3MPL3TON 2850d ago

I was going to say exactly what you said.

GoldPS32850d ago

What is it with you people about "homebrew"? I'm really getting sick of people going crazy over it.

nolifeking2850d ago

To fishy

Yeah "You People". The ones who make such a big deal about homebrew as if it could makes or brakes a handheld/console.

Firstkn1ghT2850d ago

If I can run emulators on this thing like SNES, Genesis, or MAME than consider yourself MINE!