Watch the Complete NGP Announcement in HD - All Trailers, Details, Impressions

Watch the complete NGP announcement in HD. The videos contain all trailers, impressions and details.

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trounbyfire2547d ago

actually good quality from this site but again its a youtube video so part one is here

part two

Raendom2547d ago

Awesome thanks, part 3 anywhere? Can't see it in the sidebar.

Hanif-8762547d ago

Wow, its amazing to see a portable gaming device pumping out graphics this good :-)

ThanatosDMC2546d ago

Wow, when he did the fps camera mode... i bet there's gonna be a lot of 3D hentai "exploration" games for the PSP2/NGP.

galgor2547d ago


Is the XMB gone?!

trounbyfire2547d ago

i love the xmb and yes the PSP2 has no xmb it made for touch UI

WhittO2547d ago

:( Makes sense though, TBH XMB on PSP1 looks outdated now.

It still looks good on PS3 because of all the FW updates..

Masterchef20072547d ago

Nice video. Will this thing support SDHD cards? Cause you really need a big card if you want to watch HD vids on the go

Redempteur2547d ago

i'm pretty sure it'll support the memory stick duo to ensure compatibility with the psp

xAlmostPro2547d ago

modified SD/flash cards whatever you want to call them, made specifically for this use with the psp2 :) it'll contain the game and also store that games saves and any dlc for the game onto the SD aswell, so its all in one place

Masterchef20072546d ago

I meant if i could take a SDHD card and shove movies into it that what i meant.

ThanatosDMC2546d ago

I'm hoping it'll have a big memory so i can buy them in PSN so i can share my games.

CaptainMarvelQ82547d ago

i just woke up
so,what's NGP short for?

Blacktric2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Next Gen Portable. It's just a codename though.

CaptainMarvelQ82547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

and it looks beastly
EDIT:oops,meant reply

Masterchef20072547d ago

Incredible when he was free looking in Hotshots. The motioncontrols are top notch in the NGP

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