Nintendo 3DS vs Sony NGP

After last night’s press conference where Sony announced that their new handheld will be called the NGP (Next Generation Portable) we can begin to compare the two main combatants in the next round of the handheld console war. These are two exciting devices and much of what you read here is early information, so there’s still a great deal of rumour and speculation surrounding both devices (particularly the NGP and its hardware capabilities). For the moment though, let’s take what we know and see how the two stack up against each other.

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Dark_Charizard2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

PSP2 is quite superior to 3DS where technology is concerned but it seems like just an update of the PSP, much like the PS3 was of PS2. The 3DS on the other hand is something fresh and the number of games (70+) announced for it far exceed that of PSP2. This, for me, makes 3DS the better choice at present. I love Nintendo games and I can't wait to see what new games their developers and others will create using its 3D, accelerometer, gyroscope etc!

fight4lov2882d ago

u just wanna play pokemon like a dumb kid.

Otheros002882d ago

The 3DS is more like an update than the NGP(Nintendo Got Pwned). The 3DS is an updated DS.

PshycoNinja2882d ago

70+ games announce but only 9 launch games and the 3DS won't come with all of its promised features on day 1 and its $250. And it was said that the battery life wont exceed 4-5 hours. I think Nintendo droped the ball on the 3DS these past few weeks and Sony is picking the ball back up.

Val1s2882d ago

Its quiet exciting to have some console launches if nothing else. I'm split on them, they both have real potential.

Neo Nugget2882d ago

Both seem like great handhelds. I could care less about which one "shits" on the other.

josephayal2882d ago

NGP vs 3DS article num 78/7,959,696

Stealth20k2882d ago

I will buy both but its only exciting if this delivers original games. I dont want worse ps3 ports, sorry

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The story is too old to be commented.