Dungeon Defenders NGP demo

Epic Games presented the demo of Dungepn Defenders at the Playstation Meeting 2011.

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lunicmaster2699d ago

they say that NGP graphics will be same or similar to ps3 graphics :D

Led-Zeppelin2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Yea, who cares about N64 graphics (3DS) when you got PS3 graphics.

DA_SHREDDER2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Actually, Im just fine with N64 graphics. I need to buy one again cause that controller was made for that system. The only thing that I wonder right now is if NGP is trade marked yet? I call dibs. LOL!

@Godmars. Its a quad core right? Havoc is all we will ever need.

jwk942699d ago

I was more under the impression that the 3ds had gamecube graphics?

pain777pas2699d ago

Let us not jump the gun. 2 months to save up for one and maybe 7 or 8 for the other. OOT 3d is calling me. Want to support Nintendo. Gave away the original DS to a friend and Lite to my nephew. No Wii at home believe it or not. 3DS will get my support with more mature titles. NGP is for me though.

Godmars2902699d ago

More curious to see if the physics engine is on par.

Eidolon2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Doubt it, maybe the less physical games. but then this game doesn't look to physical

Eidolon2699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

The combined MIPS of the quad-core cpu in the PSP2 will equal to that of the PS3's main PPE(but none of the SPU's included) at a bit more than minimal frequency.

ThanatosDMC2699d ago

Weird... i thought this was coming out on the PSN for the PS3. It's out in Steam btw. I wanted to get this for my PS3. I hope it's compatible for the PS3.

pain777pas2699d ago

They might be able to do that and I hope that they do that with all their PSP titles that do not use the touch screen. Should not be the hard... I hope?

jalen2472699d ago

Looks better than Fable III on 360. The NGP is very powerful

Masterchef20072699d ago

fable was never a good looking game to begin with

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