Resistance for NGP isn't a port - it's a brand new game

The upcoming Resistance for NGP isn't a port, it's a brand new game, Insomniac says. Check out for more info.

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LarVanian2547d ago

Great news! So is the Uncharted game a brand new game too?

Cloudberry2547d ago

But we still don't know if it's prequel, in between, or even sequel after Uncharted 3.

Istanbull2546d ago

Damn, the NGP just gets better and better! I'm currently playing Fall of Man, what a great game it is!

ABizzel12546d ago

My guess is that all these games will be in between the sequels, kind of like the God of War PSP games.

ComboBreaker2546d ago

NGP will be able to play all digital versions of...

- minis
- PSOne classics from the PlayStation Store
- PSP titles
- as well as all PlayStation Suite games for Android phones

visualb2546d ago

new killzone

new resistance

new uncharted




not a bad start =D

Raendom2546d ago

If that's the launch line-up, that has to be the BEST EVER.

Stealth20k2546d ago

lol you seriously think thats for launch?

ABizzel12546d ago

While we would all love it, I doubt it'll all be for launch as well. Launch titles almost always consist of 1 or 2 good games, a couple of meh..., and the usual titles that release every year.

If they all do come out then it's easily a day 1 buy for me. The most realistic thing would be if they all came out year 1.

-Superman-2546d ago

Great news :D
Yea looks like Uncharted is a brand new game too
What about Killzone?

sinncross2546d ago

It must be... I don't recall the areas shown being in the first Uncharted.

Now with Resistance, I hope Killzone is Liberation 2.

I'm just concerned that they'll be falling on existing IP's instead of creating new ones to exist alongside these.

I also thing the PSP2 could be a good avenue to try restart Heavenly Sword and Lair. Both games had real potential so spinoffs may work and who knows, both series could become NGP staples for Sony.

Ju2546d ago

Well, the gameplay was brand new. Not sure if you can just patch that into the existing game (gyro, 2 touch, etc).

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SnakeMustDie2546d ago

I wanted a TPS Resistance continuation of Grayson's story for NGP. That's too bad.

hatchimatchi2546d ago

I agree, I own all 3 resistance games and I think retribution for the psp is the best game in the series. James Grayson is such a better character than Nathan Hale. He has a lot of depth for a character and I love his dark humor. Easily one of the best games on the psp.

Kon2546d ago

I'm a little lost here. This NGP is the PSP2?

hatchimatchi2546d ago

yes, ngp = next generation portable. It's a codename

Cloudberry2546d ago

NGP (Next Generation Portable) is still a codename though.

alphakennybody2546d ago

yes its technically the psp2 but NGP(Next Generation Portable) is just a code name.

byeGollum2546d ago

the codename is 'NGP'. it is yet to be named. But people are already calling it 'PSP2'

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KING852546d ago

We don't know if it's prequel or sequel, but my goodness who cares! It's amazing that a portable handheld gaming device is able to produce this quality of games. It will be interesting to see how next gen of portable devices go. Technological advancement is certainly beneficial as evident.

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