TGS 2007: Sony's Press Conference Reveals Dual Shock 3

It's finally announced people, the wait is over. Kaz Hirai just announced the Dual Shock 3 at Sony's press conference for TGS 2007.

Read at link.

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Violater3872d ago

Rumble and Home spring 08 that sucks.

stunt2133872d ago

Rumble in spring 08 thats gay and i didnt know that home is going to be release in 08.

bluebrad19743871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Blu-ray for sale!! You dumb Americans buy it already!!
It's playstation, buy it!!
Please sony, get over yourself. Yeah, breaking news, your plan for world domination backfired. You didn't put gaming first, you janked everyone and put your new tv,movie,and money skam ahead of what gamers care about most, quality gaming.

Thanks for your astounding PR department sony!! Otherwise average people couldn't figure out for themselves that the Cell processor was built for video decoding(even though the ps3 is $100-200 too expensive), with blu-ray. BTW, how is Toshiba's new line of hdtv's fairing with the spectacular Cell processor? Game devs know your bs.

Pleeez buy a ps3, pleeez, pleeez,pleeez...

Vulcan Raven3872d ago

Thanks sony, i have 4 controllers and if i want rumble i have to buy more.

QuackPot3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

You bought four controllers
You knew they had no rumble

And your problem is?

You should have also known:
* Sony was in dispute with Immersion
* things would eventually be settled
* rumble would return - as it is a standard function in controllers.

Again, your problem is?

Skerj3872d ago

Worst kept secret EVER!!

Spinitus3871d ago

are u talking about the xbox elite???

Ri0tSquad3872d ago

NOW. Dont know why we have to wait so long if its just regular rumble.

killer_trap3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

that was ico game. no ffVII remake. no anything worth it.

well looks like going back to selling 10,000 a week for ps3 :-(

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The story is too old to be commented.