Sony's NGP: Geek Win but Market Loss

SPOnG: "The PSP2 - or Next Generation Portable (NGP) - will definitely be the most technically advanced hand-held when it hits the streets (in Japan and the USA at least) this coming 'holiday period'. Combining uber-advanced CPU and GPU, dual analogs, touch sensitivity on both sides - there's no arguing that this is a capable little beast.

But I'm not sure that Sony is pushing at the right door."

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Chaostar2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

The argument here seems to be that a dedicated device for gamers is geared too much toward gaming?

The writer makes the point that if you can game on an iPhone then why buy this? For the same reason millions of people picked up the DS and PSP... the gaming... it's just plain better with buttons and a dedicated device.

Dual analogs and Call of Duty? If that doesn't bring commercial success then I don't know what will.

Titanz2853d ago

"Geek Win but Market Loss".

And you think the 3DS is expensive?

Not only that, Sony's also alienating consumers from buying their own PS3 console.