Uncharted on PSP2 (NGP): Better quality video emerged

The video from the presentation of Uncharted for Sonys new PSP2 (Codename NGP) has emerged. Check this video to see the PSP 2 graphics in action.

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topgeareasy2706d ago

holy sh*t

Epic day one buy

PLASTICA-MAN2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

look here:

Hey Folks, look how he deforms the ground with trackpad and in Uncharted how he swings the NGP and then the rope swings and how he climbs the cliff with the track pad and when he aims with the console? Did Nintendo ever think about this????
NGP= Nintendo Got Pwned

Istanbull2706d ago

Damn, the Nintendo Got Pwned looks too amazing to be true!

perfectCarbonara2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

HAHA, Nintendo Got Pwned !

XD I love it.

StbI9902706d ago

Thanks mate, please, sony make ps2 playable...if not im all about homebrew here.


h0w you move with the back touchpad is sick

sony just out innovated 3ds

WhittO2706d ago

WOW! that looked amazing!

Those graphics are really PS3 2007 quality! and these are first gen demos.

As for the back touch panel, I was wondering why it was needed but after seeing this it looks to make games alot more fun and interactive!

Can't wait for more info on it.

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MEsoJD2706d ago



krisq2706d ago

Shit's hot! I thought the screen is not touch sensitive, only back. But this is awesome!

R_aVe_N2706d ago

I really like how they did the sniper rifle in that demo. That was well thought out.

DoomeDx2706d ago

Killzone has that too :)

R_aVe_N2706d ago

I haven't seen a Killzone demo yet if it has that as well I am sure I will like it. I am just worried about the comfort of the portable system it doesn't look very comfortable to hold.

awesomeperson2706d ago

In KZ2 when you moved the ds it caused it to sway, in this if im not mistaken you can move the rifle.

krisq2706d ago

Killzone2 used accelerometer. Gyroscope is different beast. Much more precise and responsive.

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52pickup2706d ago

No way i'm missing out on any part of the Uncharted story,I'll buy NGP for this alone.

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The story is too old to be commented.