Must Try Harder: Far Cry 2 (

BeefJack: "It was a gorgeous setting, one of very few virtual worlds to invite you to sit there and watch everything go by, but you never had any real opportunity to make your mark on it beyond the basic act of shooting everyone else in the face. Maybe it was too much to hope for anything else at this point in time? Far Cry 2 was still a savagely beautiful game under all the wasted potential… it’s just you can’t help but entertain fevered dreams of how it could have been so much more."

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SeanScythe2880d ago

Things this game need to improve and make better.
1. Animal Predators, Crocs, Lions, Snakes, etc. (This is Africa I should be afraid for my life to enter for not only man but what would like to eat me.

2. Customized Weapons, scopes and silencers.

3. Better team AI

4. Better Stealth.

5. A co-op element, it got boring by yourself. I would have loved to have a team mate to help out on harder missions or riding turrent when blazing into a town or hide-out.

Dark_Overlord2880d ago

How about less bugs? The game was/is and always will be a mess >:(

BadKarmaSutra962879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

How about a less crappy ending and getting rid of the malaria?

Also improve the AI a little so they don't aimbot you through dense foliage and over hillsides.

Oh, and also if you must patch the game, don't wait 6 months next time.

Other than that, I really enjoyed the game.