PlayStation Meeting 2011: This Is The NGP Screenshot That Excites Us More Than Anything Else

PushSquare: "So you've got a problem with console games coming to portable systems. Fair enough, we've got the perfect game for you. Hidden amongst the spectacle of Killzone, Uncharted and Call Of Duty for NGP, Clap Hanz announced a new Hot Shots/Everybody's title for the device, tentatively named Hot Shots Golf Next. Not only does it look absolutely stunning (judging by this off-camera shot from Engadget), but the game's also ideal for NGP's myriad of touch control features. We can't wait to see the game in action."

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Istanbull2703d ago

Has Super Monkey Ball been announced yet? Perfect for the touch controls.

Tripl3seis2703d ago

Or angry birds man can't wait!!!