Over 64 Million PSPs Sold Since Launch

With Sony having officially revealed the successor to the PlayStation Portable, codenamed the “Next Generation Portable”, the handheld’s lifetime has finally come to a close. Sony has now revealed how many gamers have bought the portable since its release in 2005.

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Istanbull2826d ago

The PSP will sell for another two year. There is still +-1 year left till NGP releases.

I think it will hit a lifetime of 75-80 million total sales.

I'm not sure but I think PSP sells like 9 to 10 million a year?

doctorstrange2826d ago

But I doubt it'll sell much more elsewhere

phinch2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

@Doctor strange....are you kidding? now with the ngp coming out soon older psp models in shops will drop in price very soon, getting me the psp go when its cheap enough

TBM2826d ago

didnt you hear most media think that 64 million sold is a failure/s

retards i tell you lol

hatchimatchi2826d ago


The psp is the only handheld that's gone toe to toe with a nintendo handheld and lived to tell the tale.

Let's hope the psp2 has some insanely good security so pirates can't mess up sales for developers like they did with the psp.

BattleAxe2826d ago

Yeah, its a double standard, especially seeing as how I believe that the 360 will have trouble reaching that milestone. But if the 360 does sell 64 million units, Pachter will call it a huge success.

ElementX2826d ago

How many owners actually buy the games, though?

StbI9902826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

^ this, hoping this next iteration will solve it all, I myself won't be planning in hacking or installing any homebrew no matter how good the chance of playing ps2 isos on homebrew are now that UMD is gone, plus hope sony pulls a good mechanism on the anti-piracy topic this time, cus really, that was what indeed killed the psp.

Piracy = Less support but + Units sold...

Units + Games = Selling them sony...fcking eat them

Freshnikes2826d ago

I buy all my games...not every1 wants to hack everything ..I have a iPhone haven't hacked that neithers...hackers are the're probally trolling anyway

TANUKI2826d ago

I buy all my games, too. In fact, I just picked up YS Chronicles 7.

I still have 5 more games on pre-order.

hot1112826d ago

"How many owners actually buy the games, though?"
About 10,they all live on n4g

PlayerX2826d ago

N4G is like the opposite of the real world.

Ifone2826d ago

Only because of some xbox, wii droids like you, livong in dreamland, where the worst is good, and the better is meh...

ComboBreaker2826d ago

"How many owners actually buy the games, though?"

Enough to keep PSP alive for 6 years.

2826d ago
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