NGP video hints at God of War and more

Kratos, Daxter, MotorStorm, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper and more can be seen in a promo for the NGP, released by Sony this morning. 'The Power is now in your hands' promo video shows off the NGP's Trophy support and ends with a stream of game pictures, including many of Sony's most popular franchises.

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JimboJones2702d ago

yeah but thats just profile pictures tho

Istanbull2702d ago

I wan't even mind re-releases of old games. The 3DS is doing it, why not the NGP? :)

zez2702d ago

That's because thats pretty much all Nintendo has done this gen.

Ps_alm3k2702d ago

they 100% likely will.
I mean it is capable, why not right?

sobekflakmonkey2702d ago

yeah true, that trailer really actually said almost nothing, it was a let down for me personally, i thought i was gonna see something cool.

Evolve2702d ago

Strong Line up so far, But we need more.

RememberThe3572702d ago

We'll get more wait for E3.

perfectCarbonara2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Seriously, who here thinks there WON'T be a God Of War title for this thing ?

Evolve2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

I Think Every 1st party game will be On PS3 and PS NGP from know on.

Infamous, Motor Storm God of War and more.

Sizzon2702d ago

Omg a Infamous game for the NGP! :O that would be awesome, tho with Uncharted I'm sold.

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