Why PSP2 Doesn't Need Gimmicks To Succeed

NowGamer: The PSP2 has been the talk of the internet over the past few months, with rumour and speculation rife. PSP2 – or the 'Next Generation Portable' was announced this morning, we now know the details. And while some are surprising, others are just as expected...

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Nitrowolf22795d ago

I liked everything i saw today about it. Sony really surprised me with this one and even though most of this stuff was already expected, i didn't actually think Sony was gonna deliver it all.
Day one

Istanbull2795d ago

They did everything right with the NGP, 2 joysticks, PS3 graphics, bigger screen, 3G, wifi, touch control, trophy support and last but not least, cartridges! This means games will load fast as fuck! So no more UMD load times. :)

Hanif-8762795d ago

Its actually SD cards but the best thing about that is that it comes with the game and any DLC for that game will be stored on the SD card is that anything shorter than Amazing :-)

AAACE52795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

I'm in love with it already! But I can't help wondering how this will effect the Psp phone.

I was considering getting the phone when it released because I like Android (F**k Apple), but it seems like a better idea to just get the Psp 2!

Both will probably do well, but i'm just curious to see how well. Either way, the Playstation controls on the phone will make gaming on an Android phone more fun!

Psp 2 will also offer something totally different. Instead of having a game release for Ps3 and then a scaled down handheld version with a different story, we will see the same games released for both consoles.

I hate to say it, but I think handheld will will replace home consoles.

ABizzel12795d ago

I don't think game loads were going to ever be a problem. IGN said you can switch between apps, and games as fast as the iPhone 4 does.

pain777pas2795d ago

Playstation suite is completely compatible with the PSP phone. The difference it that you can use the gamepad as well as the touch screen for gaming.

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YourFlyness2795d ago

@AAACE5 its isnt a PSPhone, PS Suite will be on PS Certified Phones, the Xperia (what has been showing up in pictures) is the Prototype to use this application. Think about how HTC has their HTC sense on Android phones, that is how PS Suite will be.

Feckles2795d ago

Looking good, PSP2, looking good. Sony ticked all the boxes today apart from one: the price. How much, Sony?!?!?

Deathstroke2795d ago

Doesn't need gimmicks to succeed? All I saw today was gimmicks and ports. At least with the 3DS' ports are UPGRADES.

StbI9902795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

When they refer to gimmick = 3D loose tech (only thing 3DS has to outshine the psp2, but we can all agreed it won't...3D = cons > pros... games wise, dude you couldn't expect LOT of games being announced in one strike, this conference wasn't all about psp2 anyway, let alone e3 coming in a couple of months.

Psp2 gonna overtake e3 for sure, publisher like rockstar and a red dead revolver/GTASA on the go...problem solute, but only by adding ps2 library collection...FFX/x-2/xII, I just see myself habing a lot of fun replaying these tittles lay'd of on my bed or going on a trip.

Sony just played it outstandingly right, killing the hype behind the 3DS in one round.

3DS is not doomed by any meaning but, this conference surely overtook last year e3, nuff.

Ps_alm3k2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

LOL!!!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!! Muahahahahahahahah!!!!!

death is on a roll.

skyward2795d ago

3G, OLED twin sticks - none of this stuff is gimmicky, genuinely add up to an enhanced experience. The only remotely gimmicky thing is the rear track pad - but maybe it can come into its own on certain games? Can't wait to try it.

Nicaragua2795d ago

The rear track pad removes the need for L2 and R2 buttons, sounds pretty good and un-gimmicky to me.

Masterchef20072795d ago

the track pad is the only gimmick everything else is an enhancement to the game experience

Neko_Mega2795d ago

Upgraded? It is a DSI with alittle things added.

Don't be made that PSP2/NGP has been looking games.

Arksine2795d ago

Yeah, upgrades from ports released 1 or 2 generations ago. The NGP is running ports from CURRENT GENERATION hardware, and we aren't talking about the Wii.

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Greywolfe19822795d ago

Yeap, because last generations handheld console winner obviously didn't succeed with gimmicks.

Oh wait...

otacon682795d ago

DS didn't succeed with gimmick. Touchscreen actually gave it big advantage in gameplay. 3D screen gives you no gameplay advantage. NGP have gameplay advantage this time with dual analogs and touchpanel.

ComboBreaker2795d ago (Edited 2795d ago )

gyroscopes for motion sensing,
gps for gps-enabled features,
and 3G for online play anytime, anywhere.

2795d ago
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