Metal Gear Solid 4 Integrated Site up with English Trailer + More

The New MGS4 site is up with various info and the new TGS 07 English trailer. Enjoy :)

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KeMoBLUE3623d ago


madness3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

this makes up for the poor Sony Press Conference

EDIT: Raiden gets owned by Snake!

xplosneer3623d ago

The pre conference? I thought the real conference hadn't been released yet.
Nonetheless, VERY SWEET.

Deity013623d ago

I feel a little better now, and is the actual conference tomorrow morning?

cocoapebbles3623d ago

This game is gonna rock! Will be the best game of the year when it comes out. No game will compete with MGS4...not even killzone2 not even halo3 will recieve a perfect score "thats right i said it first"

progx3623d ago

I duno if the best part was the monkey, or Naomi's boobs.