PSP2 (NGP) Third-Party Developer Support Revealed

Sony has announced the successor the PSP, now known as the NGP (Next Generation Portable) but gamers will be referring to it as the PSP2 for the next several months. Though the software lineup shown at the media event was brief, there are many third-party developers getting behind the new portable platform and Sony has revealed them all.

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zeeshan2457d ago

And that doesn't include Sony owned studios! Wow, it is gona be epic!

UnwanteDreamz2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

LOL at all the people who thought it would not be supported

EDIT: I had to reword my original comment because some people lack reading comp.

Istanbull2457d ago

NGP: Nintendo Got Pwned

BattleAxe2457d ago

I'm a bit surprised to see that EA isn't on the list, especially with how great the PS3/EA relationship is.

StbI9902457d ago

Now...can we confirm a 3DS doommed article? LOOOOOOOOOl

Forbidden_Darkness2457d ago

It'll be incoming i'm sure (even if i have to write it myself... BWAHAHAHA! jk ;)

pain777pas2457d ago

Is EA in that list or did I miss that?

RememberThe3572457d ago

Thats shit load of developers and publishers! I guess we can expect a lot of games on the NGP.

ajcastillo2457d ago

Wrong Source and Duplicate, please approved the original one:

pr0digyZA2457d ago

omg just looking at those developers and the games they have done, I can see some awesome games coming I mean just think
Avalanche- just cause portable
I can see ubisoft doing another assassins creed but now it will look close if not the same as the bigger consoles. All those developers the possibilities are endless.

Deathstroke2457d ago

Wow. A lot less than the 3DS.

StbI9902457d ago

Sry but I expect this thing having better games than what all these dev gonna pull on the 3DS, why?

Fist we have the fact of sony's 20 dev teams > any first/third party nintendo can get, also guess come the e3, things are going to heat up siding the psp2, TGS and so on.

GodHandDee2457d ago

wow...trolling so early?

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