GK | PSP2 Announcement Update

The wait is over, Sony has officially announced its new portable today and the internet will be a better place for it. Expect fewer grainy PSP2 mock ups, leaks or wild speculation regarding its compatibility.

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mattfong2706d ago

It's amazing I want this more than 3DS, a true hard core portable gaming device!

joeorc2705d ago

is the "Playstation Suite" in my opinion..the playstation portable has moved toward a complete platform of not just by Sony but now more companies can make Playstation games for Playstation Hardware!

an the same game can run on multile devices that are not just a Playstation only device.

Sony I think Has officialy started to Open up the Playstation Platform as more "Open" platform for anyone who would like to develop software but has it covered from low entry point for developer's who otherwise may not hae the big budget's to do certain projects an game's.
this is not just for games but also Playstation Application's. Many it seem's wanted the playstation platform to move toward a Homebrew open pltform for development..well I think that is what the

"playstation suite" is now for!

mattfong2705d ago

I think Sony really had no choice in the matter, App Store is the true iOS killer app.