Catherine demo released in Japan

A playable demo of Catherine is now available for download on the Japanese Playstation Store.

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Hitman07692455d ago

Excellent! This is getting the hype it deserves and looks sick.

j-blaze2455d ago

download Bleach Soul Ignition demo if you haven't, along with Catherine demo of course :3

MmaFanQc2455d ago

is the english text/lang is included in the demo?

femshep2455d ago

hmmmm i think its time to make a japanese psn account only to get this

j-blaze2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

@ MmaFanQc
NO, but as for the demo many ppl hated it but i thought it was an alright demo not that good not that bad its basically dynasty warriors mix with dmc ...

femshep2455d ago

XD i loved it gameplay was different then i imagined but it was still awesome

and the main char totally reminded me of hank hill with some of his facial expression

MadMax2454d ago

is this coming to the U.S feb.17 too?

Organization XII2455d ago

Fucking Awesome long live Atlus Tokyo Misamura San is a genius.

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