See the HD concept trailer for PlayStation Suite, Sony NGP

Here's the concept trailer that Sony unveiled along with the Android-powered PlayStation Suite and PSP successor, NGP:

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DoomeDx2705d ago

I have no idea where i was looking at..but it PSP2 looks great

StbI9902704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

This gentlemen, is the right direction, just imagine if pokemon would have this tech going around?...shame ninty...

This > 3D anyday

@below... in a big screen which i myself think is where that tech is meant to be, not inn a 3.7 inch screen that only make the effect worsewhile instead of worthwhile...

Istanbull2704d ago

You meant 3DS right? I love playing WipEout HD and GT5 in 3D!

visualb2704d ago


*leaves in shock*

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