Sony: NGP to continue our “rich history of redefining industry standards”

GM writes: SCEA CEO Jack Tretton has written a note regarding the reveal of NGP, their next-gen handheld device over at PS Blog

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psb2731d ago

this is all I want this holiday season.

qface642731d ago

uh what about the games? you still need to get the games ya know o__o

prongs1232731d ago

with so much third party and first party titles, I am gonna get broke.

Blacktric2731d ago

We're dead. Between all those exclusive/multiplatform games and this, I won't have any money left at the end of the year...

KeezNah2731d ago

Not a Day 1, but def color me interested.

byeGollum2731d ago

I hope they don't call it a 'psp2' it deserves it's own name.NGP is good for now as its codename. I don't mind owning it day one as long as it's backward compatible..

Masterchef20072731d ago

yeah especially with shoving 3G in it. Multiplayer gamming on the go seems like a fantastic idea

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