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Stuart57562851d ago

Very, very excited for this, imagine... Uncharted 3 and NGP, best Christmas ever!!

Nitrowolf22851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

From whats been said at the show, it sounds like games are very easy to port over from the PS3.
OMG i didn't expect it to be this powerful.
Now i am scared for the price, since it wasn't revealed. E3 most definitely.

The power of a PS3 in the palm of my hand
"head explodes"

Anyway this totally changed my mind about buying 3DS, that is gonna have to wait.

VINNIEPAZ2851d ago

Only thing that worries me is it says 3G, I wonder how much that will cost a month if you want that.

rezzah2851d ago

Maybe they can somehow work it into the PLaystation + deal.

Nitrowolf22851d ago

Dude if they could do a yearly thing by adding it to PS+ i'm in.
If it's going to be monthly, i hope it's cheap cause i am sure thing thing is gonna cost a lot.

sinjonezp2851d ago

Hell, another thing to worry about is data coverage considering it has 3g. Wonder what networks will offer. I have sprint unlimited. I hope Sony don't gash us for data plans.

negroguy2851d ago

What I am excited about is the potential to play all the PS3 online games anywhere you're at. Killzone, uncharted, or resistance multiplayer in the classroom. I could only dream.

MGRogue20172851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

*wipes drool off of keyboard*

omg... so cool. :P

Masterchef20072851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

wow looks like my dreams came true. An oled handheld that uses flash based media. That should help a lot with battery life

Stuart57562851d ago

All that wasted power spinning those rattly UMD's, silent operation here we go!

Masterchef20072851d ago

yeah the UMDs got kinda noisy after spinning for a while

ComboBreaker2851d ago

and you have to just dreams about all those cool stuff?

Well, today, your dreams just come true. Welcome to the futue.

sinjonezp2851d ago

I am very surprised by the specs. The device practically has all the trimmings of all mobile devices and the power of a console. This very well may be the best one stop shop system. I am curious to see how the type of card that they use will work for the games. Also, did anyone notice the top of the screen looks very familiar to gingerbread? comment

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