Epic: PSP2 '4 times as powerful as any other handheld'

Gears Of War creator Epic Games has claimed that the graphical processing power of PSP2 - codenamed NGP by Sony - is four times as powerful as any other handheld in existence.

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EYEamNUMBER12878d ago

well at least hes finally not bending over and constantly going on about itouch this itouch that

zeeshan2878d ago

Judging by the comment from EPIC, I guess it is safe to say that NGP is going to kick 3DS' ass!!! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the concept of 3DS and being able to take 3d pictures (if that's true) but imagine playing KILLZONE/Battlefield/COD MP on the go with awesome graphics!!! Wow.. just wow!

Muletroid2878d ago

if your talking about power wise obviously the NGP is going to kick 3DS ass but if you mean sales wise i personally doubt it

im starting to get flashbacks of 2004 when EVERYONE and i mean EVERYONE was saying the psp was gonna kick the DS's ass and how it was over for nintendo etc etc
yet none of that happened

2878d ago
ugo2878d ago

but dis one is quite different, it has cod a system seller

djreplay2878d ago

The thing is with the DS and 3DS, there casual handhelds aimed at under 16's.

ExplosionSauce2878d ago

They play differently and have different types of games.

It doesn't matter to me which system "sells the most" or "wins".
I don't have to choose one over the other.

punkpop1012878d ago

I'm sorry but Persona, Dragon Quest and new Final Fantasy will kick psp2s ass anytime.Spec wise this kicks 3ds's ass but sells wise it will miserably fail.

ExplosionSauce2878d ago

What makes you think the new PSP2 won't have Persona, Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy as well?
It definitely wouldn't be the first time those games have been on a PlayStation system.

They haven't even announced any software for it. It'd be wise to hold judgement on games until later.

Inside_out2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

I love to give Sony some flak when I think they deserve it and they have deserved alot this gen...not with this device.

This thing has so many bells and's just incredible. Only issue I have is battery life, what am I suppose to do with the PsP 3000, and why this damn conference was in Japanese only...O_o

I have been asking for dual analogs for so long that I had given up. I wonder if Epic would consider adding Gears to the NGP ( better get use to that name now )line up...that would be insane...same for Bulletstorm.

I always said whoever comes out with the dual analogs first would kick everyone Else's a$$...Start the A$$ kicking...

Well done Sony...this thing is gonna be huge...And what about the price...I haven't heard anything other than it's going to be competitive, I hope that means $199.99...wishfull thinking I

ComboBreaker2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Add in the quad-core CPU too, and you got yourself a beast.

FFXI1012877d ago

There's no deny that Nintendo's handheld system is the No.1 on the market when it comes to sales. But when you look Sony's PSP sales number it really isn't bad as most of you'd think. (It actually doing pretty good)

Like the PSP, PSP2 is more apperling to me than the 3DS or any handheld that Nintendo ever made.

clearelite2877d ago (Edited 2877d ago )

Yeah, I already saw a video showing killzone and resistance. I expect battlefield BC3(w/ good headphones) to be pretty amazing and sniping is going to rock with the gyrosensor. As far as graphics go, to me, PS3 graphics on a gorgeous OLED are more intense than 3D gamecube graphics on an SD LCD any day.

Uncharted looked gorgeous BTW and people don't seem to understand how awesome the games are going to look on an OLED.

Edit: Actually, all the games I've seen look awesome.

smashman982877d ago

LOL the original psp has persona 1 2 and 3 what makes you think the psp2 wont have those also final fantasy shows up every where

pain777pas2877d ago

I will say this Japan will be up in the air depending on the price point and games available. If monster hunter is there day one with 3G and Online Wifi support this thing may take off earlier than the first PSP. The thing is how much do you value 3D and Nintendo games. I was getting the 3DS for the games that they were showing not the 3D. I like Nintendo games and this is the first system in years that I feel Nintendo has given the core something to embrace day one. Japanese market is up for grabs though. The NGP is serious and has all the functionality a gamer would want.

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StbI9902878d ago ShowReplies(9)
zez2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

January 2011 - LG Optimus 2X is shown, the first dual-core CPU phone. I was like "ZOMG SO POWAHFUL"
January 27 2011 - PSP2 is shown with a quad-core CPU and a quad core GPU. Dual core what now?

@below: fairs. Then again remember how long the gap was from single core -> dual core phones? it'll be a long time before we see a phone with a quad core CPU OR GPU let alone both.

TheIneffableBob2878d ago

And the difference is 11 months. (Optimus 2X was released a couple days ago)

Spinal2878d ago

Comparing a Dedicated gaming handheld to a Phone? You sir, fail on so many levels.

Sad lil humanoid.

The PSP 2 is not a phone please take a moment and think about it. Idiot.

zez2878d ago

You're a cheery little f*cker aren't you, spinalc0rd?

ilikecookies2878d ago

You can expect to see quad core phones sooner than you think. Nvidias quad core arm processor release slate was leaked and they are announcing it sometime later this year with phones expected for next ces which shouldnt be too far from the psp2's launch.

TheIneffableBob2877d ago

The Tegra 2 has 8 GPU cores according to NVIDIA.

nycredude2877d ago


They have beem trumping the new lg phone as a awesome game playing phone so why not compare the two.

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SuperM2878d ago

NGP is much more improved over the original PSP then 3DS is over the normal DS. 3DS only adds more power and 3D. With the NGP we finally get dual stick controls which is going to matter alot, and we also get touch screen and touchpad on the back which means that while the original PSP was really lacking in the control department the NGP has almost limitless opportunities for how games can be controlled.

Viper72878d ago

Yeah 3D is still just 3D classes or not, if graphics have improved to something slightly better than PSP its still years behind of NGP.

What I am most excited about NGP is the fact that it brings PSP platform to this millenia whit its network features. Friend lists, communication, trophies, browser, sharing stuff and most importantly multi-player.

Now if NGP is all this and still remains region free it will seriously demolish 3DS in pretty much every way possible in my eyes as far as features go.

pain777pas2877d ago

L2 and R2 can be mapped to touch. Any game from the last 15 years is portable with this new device. The thought is scary. Real NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL games on the go without a sacrifice in quality. They could bring over the NBA 2K8 engine over probably without a hitch. They were saying that physics will never be an issue. I am so excited for this system. I hope developers get on board in full force and release everything for it.


John Carmack and Epic Games are praising the NGP!

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Sarcasm2878d ago

The 3DS can do game cube graphics, the PSP2 can do PS3 graphics.

The 3DS can run MGS3.

The PSP2 can run MGS4.

You do the math.

Muletroid2878d ago

"You do the math"

seriously you killed your comment by saying that lol the first thing that popped into my head was the atari jaguar

Sarcasm2878d ago

lol I totally forgot about those commercials. Technically it's "Do the math"

StbI9902878d ago

Gamecube?...have you even seen those one piece/naruto games? this thing can barely do psp2 graphics, let alone gamecube, I give it a n64/gamecube graphics, no gamecube at all...shame

you meantion resident evil? only for the mercenary mode...shame, but anyway, it is nintendo, they will make me buy it anyway

qface642878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )


call me crazy StbI but im starting to think your trolling

Lich1202878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

If the PSP2 could do PS3 graphics it would cost 2 grand at that size. Also, wouldn't you feel just a damn bit cheated if a handheld with a screen could run equal graphics as your home console? Either you're prepared to pay ridiculous amounts of money for this thing (which would cause it to fail) or you somehow think sony is magic.

That said, Im sure the PSP2 will have better graphics than the 3ds... but PS3 level, no way.

Edit: maybe 2k is too steep, but around 900 is my estimate.

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zez2878d ago

By far. Quad core CPU and a quad core GPU. Plus half a gig of ram (if rumours are true) Remember those amazingly powerful dual core phones that were coming out? Yeah, me neither xD

N4GAddict2878d ago

I just hope its not too pricey

Ps_alm3k2878d ago

I hope so tooo, but dammn those are killer spec!

30sec2878d ago

Same here. The OLED screen worries me, but the visuals should be outstanding. Plus, if cloud is a reality as Kojima said, I'll drop $300.

VINNIEPAZ2878d ago

Only thing that worries me is it says 3G, I wonder how much that will cost a month if you want that.

RememberThe3572878d ago

I got a felling it will cost a lot more than $300. $400 at the very least.

Megaton2878d ago

Price is make or break for me. I'm guessing $300.

gamingisnotacrime2878d ago

i hope, and if so day one baby!!!

Megaton2878d ago

$400 is too much, but it wouldn't surprise me.

$250 was too much for the PSP Go. $600, while technically a bargain considering the cost of the PS3's guts at the time, was too much. $300 for the PS3 right now is too much.

Sony goes hog wild with the sticker shock sometimes.

MGRogue20172878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

100% buying it. Day One... Fuck it, I'm pre-ordering.. where can I pre-order?!

I'm so hyped up for this. :P

Kran2878d ago

Same :D Might ask my mum to get it for me for christmas. Since its coming out at the end of the year that is.


Or you could get a half time job and save for when it release in December... Kids this days...

Kran2878d ago


Cough. Im trying. There is nothing until im 18.

Zydake2877d ago

any1 can get a job go out and ask

YourFlyness2878d ago

NGP= Nintendo (3DS) Got Pwned!

TheDarkness2878d ago

Micro$oft better release a Portable or Its Game OVER! :D

SpitFireAce852878d ago

You should coin that or i will lol...

visualb2878d ago

thats so fanboyish and even wrong but...

good one =P