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Moac2875d ago

I will be buying this system!!!

What will the name be? place your bets!
Something New??? ....

Will the "psp2" have ps3 like sticks , that can be clicked.. or will they be stale as the psp ones?

ComboBreaker2875d ago


Will there be an L app too?

iamnsuperman2875d ago

I am glad about the OLED screen. Seems a sensible move

kingboy2875d ago

I hope it has better remote play capabilities with the ps3

ThanatosDMC2875d ago

That's actually a good point. It'd be great if i can play ALL my PS3 games via remote play this time around. There's nothing else holding it back since there can also be R2 and L2 buttons via touchscreen on the back.

ThanatosDMC2875d ago

Watch around 6:29 minutes of the video. There's a Remote Play icon!