NGP Image Gallery Is Stunning

Sony’s PlayStation Meeting took place in Tokyo, Japan, so – quality images were hard to come by, until now. Sony has graciously delivered some beauty shots of their “Next Generation Portable” for our visual enjoyment.

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Octo12399d ago

LOL.You got a disagree for "Way better than I thought"

Freakin' fantards!

nintenflo2399d ago

Is it just me or does it say uncharted on the top right hand circle on the screen?! Wooooooooooo

TheLastGuardian2399d ago

Uncharted, Resistance, Killzone and LittleBigPlanet are all coming to PSP2. I was hoping for a $300 price point but this thing is too awesome to only cost that much. Hopefully it's $400 or less so I can get on launch day.

ChineseDemocracy2399d ago

I'm in love with the design on the back, signature PS button symbols, good call.

VINNIEPAZ2399d ago

Only thing that worries me is it says 3G, I wonder how much that will cost a month if you want that.

flyingmunky2399d ago

Probably a lot, I would think like 30 bucks a month. I mean think about what your cell phone bill runs with a 3g package(~70+). Fortunately I only need wifi to be happy, but the option for 3g will no doubt be nice for some.

This thing is gonna rock my face off!
Day one!

spiceonpsn2399d ago

this will not only run gta san andreas as many said.... this will run gta 4 !

mrv3212399d ago

I think the 3D is their just so that mobile phone retailers can offer this on contract with a sim. My expectations are $300 or free with a 2 year data plan at $20.

egidem2399d ago

NGP = Nintendo Got Pwned

MGRogue20172399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

PS3 is expecting it's first baby, Congrats! :)

coolasj2399d ago

It looks really bulbous but the more I stare at it , imagining it in my hands. The more beautiful I see it being.

ChrisGTR12399d ago

whats the touch pad in the back for ? lol

Thrillhouse2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

I imagine that they imitate extra shoulder buttons. It would depend on the game, really.

Octo12399d ago

used to control games. Really up to the developer how to use it.

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The story is too old to be commented.