Let's See How Big This PSP2 Really Is

Here's how the new PSP2 (or NGP) sizes up compared to its competition in the handheld gaming space.

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Nitrowolf22455d ago

Dam it's actually kind of huge

TheLastGuardian2455d ago

It's a monster. With all that power what were you expecting? It's not much bigger than the PSP 3000. I

'm sure those analog sticks work just as good as the Dualshocks analogs but I bet they feel awkward in your pocket.

Close_Second2455d ago

Yeah, but the 3000 hardly fits in your pocket now. To be truly portable it needs to fit into a pocket. Think about the size clothes that need to be worn to slip this into a pocket.

Maybe its being aimed squarely at the XXXL market?

Nitrowolf22455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

idk what i was expecting from size, at least something a little smaller. I'm just hoping this fits in my pocket without feeling uncomfortable. idk about the psp 3000.
the DS doesn't even feel right.

For me since it has 3G, i feel like it should be something that i could just whip out right out of my pants (lol)

Istanbull2455d ago

Sony NGP: Nintendo Got Pwned

TheLastGuardian2455d ago

@Nitrowolf 2

"I feel like it should be something that I could just whip right out of my pants"


hay2455d ago

Huge? It's like PSP-1000 which was pretty much ok with me.

phinch2455d ago

I can't believe how long people were saying "we want dual analogs" and now it's I bet they feel awkward in your pocket........ some people just cannot be pleased, there's always something

HolyOrangeCows2455d ago

It's just slightly larger than the 3000. Heck, it's probably SMALLER than the 1000.

ThanatosDMC2454d ago

PSP-1000 was a tank. You could throw it at the wall and it'd still work.

Guess i wont be fitting this in my pocket. Now im curious what colors they'll come out with besides black and white. I want red.

ComboBreaker2454d ago

You're suppose to put a chain on your NGP, and wear it around your neck like a bling bling, gansta rapper style.

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ChineseDemocracy2455d ago

I don't see how they could have made it any smaller, the size of the screen is pretty big in itself. Can't do a slide out because of the analogs; I can't think of any other alternatives.

Close_Second2455d ago

They didn't need to go to a 5" screen. Sure it has a wow factor but I would much rather have a 4" screen and something that better fits in my pocket.

As for the dual analogs...great, the fact they protrude out so far...not great.

Close_Second2455d ago

Damn it huge. I love my Go for the reason it is portable gaming on the go. The PSP2 is a step backwards in terms of form factor.

Love the specs but hate the size.

SpitFireAce852455d ago

Cant get the specs with out the size know
what i mean....

bubb13gum2455d ago

This is too big and a step backwards in design IMO.

UnwanteDreamz2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Like I'd stick what might be over a $300 device in my pocket. This being not much bigger than the old school PSP is cool in my book.

I expect this to become a big deal with people who already don't like it.

Sarcasm2455d ago

It looks to be about the same as the PSP phat. Oh well, that 5" screen's going to be needed for those awesome games coming up.

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life doomer2455d ago

I don't mind, I have big hands anyway.

egidem2455d ago

NGP = Nintendo Got Pwned

meetajhu2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

very good


YourFlyness2455d ago

oh I see we have a rip off artist

GoldPS32455d ago

I think bigger is better.

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