Madden patch-the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf

Even as a kid I did better than them with the updates, and I didn't get paid for it.

On top of it, the "patch" for the PS3 worked out to be more like a virus. Downloading the batch has caused PS3's to not even load Madden discs. So a little word of caution; DON'T DOWNLOAD THE PATCH.

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What the heck EA has against PS3? I mean, I start to wonder things that way. First they simple design a game like 4 year old kiddo, the worst they can for the PS3, then they release a patch that simples says sorry to spend your money in our game, will won't give it back to you, but will make you forget that this once existed, cause you won't go play anymore.

EA Sports never was the highest degree on development quality indeed, but this one is just too bad, even for the makers of old F1 and FIFA...

Omegasyde3931d ago

EA sucks period. No explanation needed, the lack of quality of their games speak for themselves.

Do they even test thier games any more?

JustCallMeDaddy3931d ago

I wonder if Peter Moore has something to do with this.

And btw, where is that man?

thereapersson3931d ago

EA can do no wrong and blame PS3 fans for getting up in arms about EA.

Yeah, right.

progx3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

Real mature of you to make that sh*t up though...

EDIT: Don't flatter yourself, just exposing your lie.

thereapersson3931d ago

Sounds like someone has insecurity issues about something!

Oh well, welcome to the ignore button! :)

Balance3931d ago

i think your comment was a bit of a stretch. why do you have to turn everything into a 360 vs ps3 debate. fact is no matter what console you own EA sucks, EA sucks on the pc as well their crappyness of producing games spans all platforms and especially so with madden. madden on any platform is historically the buggiest, glitchiest POS ever sold. and they do it over and over again every year.

Bolts3931d ago

Fix this EA, you POS.

FirstknighT3931d ago

To bad ps3 owners are having a bad time with Madden 07'. It's easily one of the best Madden's to date. I LOVE taking out people's legs with the hit stick. Sucks for you guys.

thereapersson3931d ago

Do I detect a mild bit of sympathy from FK? ;)

But yeah, I know PS3 owners got screwed this year (i'm one of those "unlucky" ones), but at least I still got to play this year's game on my housemate's 360. Not a bad effort if you can look past the sporadic bugs, IMO.

chrisin33931d ago

EA games is a joke. I know they'll get their act together, but for right now, it's rather pathetic.

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