110° : NGP (PSP2) Full Details!

In Tokyo today, Mr Kaz Hirai has just unveiled the successor to their first handheld device, the PlayStation Portable. Codenamed “NGP” (Next Generation Portable) the device is set for release “this holiday season”.

The NGP will include a five inch OLED, dual analogue sticks (not nubs like the PSP, proper micro sticks) along with a d-pad, five face buttons, 3G and Wi-Fi, Motion Control, front and rear touchpads (the rear is the same size as the front screen) and two cameras, which Kaz describes as “suitable for gameplay”.

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BattleAxe2705d ago

They really should have named this the PS3 Portable.

velocitygamer2705d ago

Playstation Portable 2:

It only Does Portable PS3's.

Fatal Blow2705d ago

This is amazing cant wait for this just hoped it had the buttons for the L2,R2 tho but am still getting this baby for the mean time i'll just get the 3ds for for my lunch and for my desert psp2

CobraKai2705d ago

I hope the price is reasonable.