Official Sony NGP Spec Sheet

The PlayStation Meeting 2011 happened so fast, it was easy to miss all of the announced specs for Sony’s Next Generation Portable. We did our best combing through the information, but it’s always better to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. We’ve got the official spec sheet Sony just posted outlining what’s under the hood of Sony’s new handheld.

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StbI9902549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Place ur bet pipoh...
Place ur lol...

Psp2 = = REvolutionary

3DS = = LOl

Sry nintendo fan, altho imma getting 3DS sure for zelda...there is no way 3Ds which is a DSi with 3D can take psp2...

nix2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

YAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!! the price... the price... CAN'T WAIT!


too bad, we can't make calls! apart from using Spyke.

Masterchef20072549d ago

wow the PSP2 looks incredible. Will be on my shopping list

mikeslemonade2549d ago

Gainway 3DS! PSP2 has the 2nd analog stick and 3G gaming. Those two things will drastically improve quality of games and will probably see more top tier games on PSP2 than 3DS.

StbI9902549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Expect nintendo taking note of how it is we will see..


badz1492549d ago

LOL just have to say it!

DarkSpawnClone2548d ago

DAMN PSP2 is sexy! and better yet it has 2 thumb sticks :)...what is this strange feeling I'm having in my pants O_O lmao

sikbeta2548d ago

OMG! Just Awesome, no more words needed...

Scary692548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I have a cell phone and house phone don't need this to be a phone as well. I do want to see a price since they already mention it will be release this holiday season. I am hoping for a $199 price but it might lean towards $250. Day one purchase for me though :-)

darthv722548d ago

no mention of RAM or internal storage? I would venture a guess it 'should' be something like 512mb (minimum) RAM and 8gb or 16gb for storage.

CPU/GPU specs are going to need RAM to feed those hungry hungry hippos. This time sony...make sure you have enough!

bakasora2548d ago

whats the screen size and resolution?

bakasora2548d ago

This should be named ps3p lol

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lil Titan2549d ago

it has two touch screens?!?!? that should make up for the R2 and L2, Sony thinks of every thing

fatstarr2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

wow that looks ugly. i hope that is concept.

also at above like there wasnt psp1000 psp 2000 psp 3000 pspslide or w/e its called and the psp phone and now psp2

implying there wont be a psp2[4G] and so on.

the ds was dsfat dslite dsi dsixl same amount of incarnations but at least nintendo offered you something more on each of the upgraded systems.

the 3DS will kick ass and take names.
the psp2 just looks like a ps3 in your hands.
it will sell for 599us dollars for a bit, and nintendo owns the market. in fact

all nintendo has to do is make 1 pokemon 3ds game and its all over.

CryofSilence2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

I wouldn't mind having a PS3 in my hands. >.>

Troll less.


Mmm. Pretty. PS3 in hands indeed. ;)

Also, it is estimated to retail for $300-350.

360 man2548d ago

loooooooool the psp2 is gonna be more powerful than the wii loool

Lykon2548d ago

lol my pound shop bed side alarm clock is more powerful than the wii

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Trexman892549d ago

3G makes it. Having a portable gaming system that is always connected to the internet IS the next generation

Sarcasm2549d ago

The real question with that though is that what service provider will support it? How much will it cost monthly? How fast or slow will it be? What kind of gaming can actually be done on it, light online games or full on COD style games?

Oh well who cares, real Dual analog sticks already sold me!

DORMIN2549d ago

Here in the US the Amazon Kindle has free 3G access anywhere, if Sony goes down that route that would be a dream.

If not, i'm fine with Wi Fi since its everywhere nowadays

khamvongsa092548d ago

I think Sony might take the "Kindle way" and have an option to pay for 3G to use the internet and play games but also allow people to access the Playstation Store for "free" and let them pay for the bandwidth with the price of the game. Seems like a fair deal to me and seems like Amazon is pulling it off..

trounbyfire2549d ago

in theory you could play on the ps3 serves on a bus ride which would be cool plus it will have could gaming so storage is not a problem

Close_Second2549d ago

Love it having 3GS but I'm now asking who will be thw carrier in New Zealand and what sort of plans they will make you sign up for.

I hope you'll be able to switch the sim card.


Yeah 3G is great news but makes me wonder what carrier companies will have it, specially since it's supposed to be a device launched worldwide.

Also any word if this will have phone call capabilities? The much fun I had with PSP hard cold truth is it's collecting dust most of the time since I don't like to carry much stuff around and rarelly play portables in home (that's what I have a console for), and that is the only reason I'm still more interested on PS Phone... Now if the answer to the after mentioned question is yes this changes everything. Would make it my most desired portable device ever, dedicated gaming handheld, with smartphone and camera capabilities, that is a device to have around all the time!

Not a real concern but I wonder what kind of battery it will be using, this thing is surely going to drain major quantities of juice.

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HolyOrangeCows2549d ago

I LOL'd my head off when rumors said it would have a 4-core CPU.
But who's laughing now? ME. Because it's so awesome.

As for the GPU, well, we don't know much......EXCEPT THAT IT CAN play MGS4 unmodified from the PS3 version at 20fps! The game WASN'T even DESIGNED for the PSP2!

trounbyfire2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

i know it has 4 core in both CPu and GPU

it is a beast

makes you wonder if even naught dog is tapping ht eps3 at all doesn't it

i be the PS3 is the most powerful console to date and i know it stronger than the 360 but i mean by miles stronger than any other

hell it halp a ps3 and does ps3 graphics so there is know what the ps3 is even half way maxed out

Sarcasm2549d ago

Yup a quad core CPU will hopefully make this device have longer legs in terms of graphics. At least for sure now we know it's going to be much more powerful than every other mobile platform right now.

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trounbyfire2549d ago

no price range or batteries life

but i was impressed with the e3g and social networking, trophies and looks like sd cards of some sort

looks sexy as all sony devices

dendenmooshi2548d ago (Edited 2548d ago )

Price range isn't much of an issue for me because i think it'll be worth it. Battery life will always be a concern for these portable shindigs. Imagine going somewhere with the PSP2 GPS only to get lost cus someone was playing Monster Hunter for too long lol.

Edit: Just thought of Monster Hunter with 3G. That'd solve alot of Monster Hunter Portable's problems. Nice Indeed.