Nintendo Says No Fear Of The Arrival of PSP2

Nintendo is not afraid of his strongest rival in this world and threw a poisoned dart to Sony with several statements.

Japan expects its product is better made by the other Japanese on January 27 and everything is a matter of weeks.

The arrival of PSP2 or PSP 2 Sony may be vital to seeing the good reception that Nintendo had in Amsterdam and everything these days magnified.

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EYEamNUMBER12703d ago

wait a second... this is old >_>

StbI9902703d ago

Place ur bet pipoh...

Psp2 = = Revolution

3DS = = LOL

Sry nintendo...altho I see you winning a good percent of the marketshare over the few momth ahead it is getting, I don't see player stopping thinking about the psp2 after what've been seen LOL

sdtarm2703d ago

whatever you say Ninti altho i dont think the same :)

jony_dols2703d ago

One word tonight struck fear into Nintendo's heart.



I don't think Ninty should be afraid, no ono buy Nintendo handhelds waiting for great tech, they managed to sell a crapload of DSes all around purely on games and coolness, if anything Pokémon alone will keep 3DS alive and well.

That's not to say Sony won't put up a fight, au contrair, they may as well win this round, just don't expect 3DS to put a dream cast and NGP a PS2. Gaming market today is a lot more competitive thi days, this gen consoles already show that.

One thing I know for sure, today I scratched 3DS off of my list, now I'm just waiting to know more about NGP and Xperia Play (PS Phone).

djslapdash2703d ago

I bet that is the same comment you said about DS vs PSP.

schlanz2703d ago

ITT: N4G thinks core gamers are the only ones buying handhelds

3DS will ****ing crush NGP sales-wise.

I'm getting both of them, I love handhelds and always have.

ComboBreaker2703d ago

However, Nintedno could be seen shaking uncontrollably, but claims it's probably from the winter cold.

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Peppino72703d ago

Of course they're not afraid. They're number one with a very loyal customer base. But so does SONY. They're both gonna do just fine.

StbI9902703d ago

Wishing the best for them, just hoping pirates can go to shit at pulling pirates game son this..looking at the SD card which seem patented, doubt it will be pulled.

pain777pas2703d ago

That is the truth. Both should do well and both are spaced out enough to get both this year. Sounds good to me! PSP2 looks like its the real deal though. There is nothing I can complain about with this reveal. E3 will be massive.

HolyOrangeCows2703d ago

If you say so, Nintendo. If you REALLY say that a 2-sticked handheld with COD on the way isn't a threat, I believe you.

EYEamNUMBER12703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

what WONT have COD on it? nothing

in all honesty you everyone is giving COD too much credit because if it isn't an all new exclusive game for the system then its really not gonna be as big a deal as everyone seems to think it is

will it sell very well either way? without a doubt
will it be a big deal? i don't really think so

StbI9902703d ago

It is not the credit of it being a good game but a hype nucke which can sell over 9000 thousand LOL...

Sure dud, when have you seen a portable device with ONLINE capabilities? will sell surely? no, it won' will take every hardcomre from microsoft to sony fan over it = fatality...

and yes, that is HUGE deal...AAAA HUGE deal, lest that microsoft come with a device too which is very doubtful.

DeepInterludium2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

I think CoD NGP is the big deal because it won't look at play like shit, like the 3DS/Wii versions will.

Thatguy-3102703d ago

it is a big deal !! mean what COD gamer wouldnt like to play on the go ??
this is aim at the hardcore xbox360/ps3 players believe me ppl are gonna go crazy for this

darkdoom30002703d ago

I think the bigger thing is the inevedible monster hunter, which will mean super hotcakes in japan,

Plus, unreal engine3 support for the westerners.

EYEamNUMBER12703d ago

wouldn't hold your breath on that one the capcom CEO already practically said MH is gonna jump ship to the 3DS and with he way capcom likes to spend very little money on making MH games i really don't doubt it

dragonyght2703d ago

sony got all territory cover COD 4da state and monster hunter japan. EU they got...??? im sure EA will get a FIFA ready by then

gamingisnotacrime2703d ago

And Kojima is working on a game that you play on the PS3 and continue playing on this BEAST that is to replace the PSP

Im shitting my pants man
day one at $399, dont give a sht

Sarcasm2703d ago

Say what you want people, but the idea of COD "anywhere" without dumbed down graphics could be a huge selling point for the millions of COD players. This is now possible with the dual analog sticks and 3G support.

ozstar2703d ago

COD = Beat in sales by New Super Mario Brothers Wii
GTA4 = Beat in sales by Mario Kart Wii

Im sorry, you were saying HolyOrangeCows?

@Deepinterludium, dude, why do you even bother with that sort of comment. One bubble down, four to go.

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hetz152703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

Expect more articles like this in the next 24 hours.

Spinal2703d ago

i LOL'd. its true the Fanboy war is going all out mayhem.

my friend Captain Hindsight told me there will be 3487465379846 more articles with the 3DS vs PSP 2.

djslapdash2703d ago

I know what you mean.

If Nintendo listened to the Sony/Xbox fanboys they should have left the industry in the last generation and not wasted time making billions and monopolizing the market.

Hopefully this time they'll listen.

MGRogue20172703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

They should be worried. PSP 2 is going to shit all over the 3DS!

Can't wait to play Uncharted, Killzone & Call of Duty on my regular bus journey from work. :D

soren2702d ago

havent you played all that crap already? lol i can garentee there not even new installments maybe you should get your hopes up for new games not the same crap im for one am hopeing they can get some brand new games on the psp so maybe i can get one if not well ill be sticking witht he world mostr trusted handheld 3ds ware i can play all types of games i just hope that 2nd anolog stick dident kill the potentiol of new types of psp games i sence only first person shooters..... and it begins

na-no-nai2702d ago

lol and people were saying Nintendo handheld get all the ports, seems like the psp2 will do the same thing but with shooters etc