Kojima to Announce NGP Dream Game at E3 2011

As if it couldn’t get any better. Hot off the back of the announcement of the NGP or PSP2, it has been revealed that Kojima is making an NGP game.

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Trexman892726d ago

Of course Kojima has to tease us!!!!

lil Titan2726d ago

so much news on the NGP its hard to keep up...oh theres another one

BattleAxe2726d ago

MGS4 with Trophy support.

joinsideke2726d ago

Please god, make it worth the wait.

oh wait, it will be.

doctorstrange2726d ago

Knowing him, it'll be delayed, but worth every agonising second of waiting

hetz152726d ago

Kojima never failed me :)

remanutd552726d ago

so im gonna be able to start playing the game on my ps3 and then when i go out i can continue the game on the psp2 ? man , i want that thing already , i need it ASAP

Rybnik2726d ago

Yep, MGS5 PS3 and NGP, here we come E3 2011!!!!

Lifewish2726d ago

The Cloud is where the future is

Trexman892726d ago

this years E3 slogan "the future, bitches"

ComboBreaker2726d ago

Kojima: " Announce NGP Dream at E3..."
Kojima: ZoE3 for NGP.

Lifewish: "...Cloud is where the future is..."
Square Enix: FFV Remake for NGP.

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The story is too old to be commented.