Halo 3 Exclusive Q&A - The Construct Multiplayer Level

As you may have heard, Microsoft and Bungie are releasing a little game called Halo 3 next week. The long-awaited conclusion to the famous first-person shooter trilogy will perhaps wrap up the saga of the enigmatic Master Chief. It will also unleash millions of hours of multiplayer gameplay on Xbox Live. Multiplayer is a huge part of Halo's success, and we have the exclusive details on a previously never-before-seen level. To get the skinny on this new map, we turned to the multiplayer design lead at Bungie himself, Tyson Green.

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Xi3683d ago

but you also get to kill things.

BulletToothtony3683d ago

there's mgs4 news so sorry nobody cares

Dukester1013683d ago

Construct map looks a little bit like my Halo 1 favorite, Prisoner.
Definitely going to be good no doubt.