TGS07: Populous remake for DS

EA Japan seems to have gotten themselves into the perfect project after completion of Sim City DS. Peter Molyneux's Populous is going to be remade for the DS, complete with a bunch of new surprises. Expect multiple gods, more powers, story and tutorial modes, and a 4 player multiplayer mode. You'll also be able to pick either traditional or stylus controls depending on what feels better to you. No release date or screens yet, but some more goodies shouldn't be too far off.

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eclipsegryph3931d ago

Wow, that's badass! I wonder how the game will be improved, being that Populous was used as a stepping stone for many other "world/city" builder games.

Laxe3931d ago

Oh my god! That game was such a classic! It's strange such types of games aren't made anymore. I will DEFINITELY be picking this up when it comes out!! Oh good times it was being a god.

nirwanda3931d ago

but how are they going to raise and lower the land that was with the left and right mouse still should be a purchase for me but would rather see it in HD on live arcade with multiplayer