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Forbidden_Darkness2459d ago


(Same S*** Now Portable) ;)

I'll have to see what this is like, but i ain't expecting much from COD on NGP, but it's a good way to sell their portable device!

N4GAddict2459d ago

As long as it runs smoothly, a lot of people will buy it

I_find_it_funny2459d ago

at least it will make psp2 sell

badz1492459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

but Sony is in for the killing! although I'm not a fan and PSP2 has my money for UNCHARTED, CoD is HUGE and I mean REALLY HUGE in the states! all those CoD kids are now a target at Sony from day 1! portable CoD anywhere? dual analog STICK? OMG, Sony knows how to make you drools!

blumatt2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Yeah imagine if they make the PSP2 and PS3 be able to play online Call of Duty with each other. Some people are on their PSP2's via wifi or 3G and some people are on PS3's and they can play Team Deathmatch/FreeForAll/etc. cross platform against each other. That will guarantee success. CoD, as much as I hate it personally, will guarantee the PSP2 to be successful on launch and thereafter. All those CoD Xbox-only gamers will likely pick one of these up JUST to be able to get their CoD fix on the go.

ComboBreaker2457d ago

Now, I know that recent CoD games have sucked.

But I am willing to give them a chance if they do something cool and innovative, like the firs CoD4 game. If they use the touchscreen, gestures, motion sensing, agumented reality, video chat (with the camera), etc...

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EYEamNUMBER12459d ago

this is activsion what system WONT COD be on the correct answer is none

meetajhu2459d ago

This will boost epic sales! And the most awaited game i wanted. I just don't want a toned down version but a complete console like experience.

Joni-Ice2459d ago

With TWO sticks not one.

UnwanteDreamz2459d ago

Yep looks like they noticed how popular CoD is. Done half assed right with online and good marketing. I can hear the kiddos screaming for it already.

Hairy Chewie2459d ago

COD on a portable will sell a shit load. Good on Sony for securing that deal.

Peppino72459d ago

Yeah maybe some xbots who don't have a psp will get one now.

Cupid_Viper_32459d ago

But this is why I've made the jump from Super Ninento Straight to a Playstation and haven't looked back since. same thing since the PSP came out. It just always feels like a safe bet to go with Sony, it feels like they always know what the core gamers want.

this gen, the guys on the other side got Kinect while we get move, plus NGP, as in now you can take your games with you and play online, even while camping, as long as you've got coverage. Sony is making it almost impossible not to be gamer, and this reinforces that. I mean, How else were you going to top making the most powerful console on the market? NGP of course.

lil Titan2459d ago

can we trade Battlefield for it instead?

badz1492459d ago

but the selling power is in CoD's hands at the moment! I doubt EA and DICE is gonna miss all the fun messing around with this little monster, and there will definitely be a BF game for PSP2 later(you heard it here 1st btw!) but for the masses, CoD is more likely to attract them than BF! it's the best selling franchise on the PS3, Sony is not going to waste this opportunity plus there's no competition for the franchise either. it's not like M$ has any portable or 3DS can give the same feeling as playing on consoles too, right? 3G is the biggest selling point IMO, online gaming on the go...truly make you drools! I'm not basing this on CoD alone as I'm not a fan of CoD but gaming in general! this will be HUGE if gamers still care about core gaming as a whole!


Expect some wildly cool remote play for this baby, I won't be surprised if it get the hability to play any PS3 game (except Move ones) down the road.

If you mean a Battlefield for NGP, it shall happen too. If the porting from PS3 to NGP is as easy as it's taunt to be, I say chances are NGP and PS3 versions of next Batlefield would be released day and date, just like COD, even through EA lost the biggest whore tittle to Activision, they are still a big whore.

Truth is, by current state of gaming industry, 2 analog sticks alone would be enough to most big 3rd party publisher to force their devs to make a NGP version of most games, the more multiplatform the better, that's EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Capcom and Square Enix motto.

blumatt2459d ago

Yes!!! Full remote play functionality (minus Move games) on the PSP2 would be a HUGE feature to market the device!!!

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qface642459d ago

whenever i play COD online all i hear is (insert racial insult here) or (insert cuss word here) im having a hard time picturing that being on the go


I'm not! You just have to think of kids this day...

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HolyOrangeCows2459d ago

Still sticking to your guns that 3DS will definitely outsell the PSP2?

Because this is the DEFINITION of a killer app.

N4GAddict2459d ago

It will help the PSP2 sell

Zuriel2459d ago

There is nothing that can compare to the selling power of COD this gen, so damn right.

garrod2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

Activision is such a whore company, they put their games everywhere just to make a quick buck, and people just throw them money........why....why.

Sigh2459d ago

Seeing what Hideo said about transferring MGS4 cutscene quickly to UGP, makes me think why Activision signed on lol. Make Cod games on ps3 then port it, activision really are whores.

garrod2459d ago

Exactly my point. Knowing them they won't even make a fully "Original" game for the system only poorly port an existing game over and market it as "The must own portable shooter"

SnakeMustDie2459d ago

There is a possibility that NGP now has an updated RemotePlay that allows it to play PS3 games on the Go if you own a PS3. That will be awesome!

tacosbell2459d ago

Imagine getting a port of the PS3 version of Black Ops. A game that was already poorly ported from the Xbox. lol a double port wouldn't that be something?

SnakeMustDie2459d ago

So NGP success is inevitable. This will be the Monster Hunter of the west.

ksense2459d ago

i think if gta comes that will be too good to resist

LtSkittles2458d ago

Rockstar is working on a game for the NGP.

Ps_alm3k2459d ago

yea you can expect this will sell millions of NGP + COD!!

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