Eurogamer - Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction First Impressions

What's the most suprising thing about the first PS3 installment of the Ratchet & Clank series? It's not the return to the classic platforming-shooting-collecting gameplay of the first three games. It's not, whatever the hype may say, because it's exactly like playing a Pixar film. Because it isn't, as even Insomniac will admit. It's this: Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction makes use of the Sixaxis controller's motion-sensing capabilities in a way that isn't completely rubbish.

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leinadem23903d ago

"This is about running, jumping, collecting things, smashing things up, killing things off and firing big guns. Visually, the series has certainly taken a great leap forward. Those who were hoping the gameplay would do the same might be disappointed. But if you loved the first three games and want more of the same, this one's for you."

nasim3903d ago

who gave Crackdown a 9/10

and bad x360 games like Lost Planet and Dead rising (those games got 6/7 from most unbiased websites) an 8/10

BY THE WAY EUROGAMER also said this :-

"It's not, whatever the hype may say, because it's exactly like playing a Pixar film. "


ElementX3903d ago

I hope they fix the tearing. The demo was fun, but I couldn't get over the tearing.

Ace_Shooter3903d ago

i'm sure it's an old build (demo). that'll get ironed out.

xplosneer3903d ago

The gamestop demo, the one that mostly everyone is playing, is the E3 build, the Ocotber 4th PSN one is the new build.

Bnet3433903d ago

is not a bad thing. This game will be better then Mario Galaxy in my opinion. Just waiting for another PS3 price drop >_<

crck3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

No one complains about Mario being the same every time. You run, you jump on enemies and play with blocks. You put on a silly costume and you fly. Yet it seems like everyone is busting R&C's for playing like its predecessors.

Ace_Shooter3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

You're dead on man, thats exactly what i was thinking. I wonder why they do that?? Ratchet & Clank are great games, why break something if it's not broken (gameplay)?? The game looks awesome.

Edit: Bubble for you crck

MalcomGrasley3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

"Yet it seems like everyone is busting R&C's for playing like its predecessors."

Welcome to the ridiculous world of PS3 'reviews'

Lair - it was the tilt controls
Warhawk - it was the price
Heavenly Sword - it was the game length
Ratchet and Clank - it was it plays like previous R&C games

There needs to be something, anything, to knock PS3 games down from the 8.5-10 range down into the 6-8 range.


The stupid little punks at Edge came right out and say openly that they were reviewing PS3 games on a different scale.

THUNDERMARE3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

I felt like PS3's games have been bashed on things that not suppose to be.
Mind me, I've been saying this many times and I will say this for the last time.
I just want to compare HS to other successful games like RE series. HS sword got bash because of its length, its 7-9 hours for average Joe. In RE1 you can actually beat the game in 3 hours to get rank S.. (which is not that hard to do). Silent Hill can be beaten in 4.5 hours, damn, Silent Hill 2 can be finish in 2.5 hours (go to youtube and look up SH2 speed run). Only gamespy that didnt explicit about HS's length, other than that, HS pretty much got point taken from its length. While RFOM got nail because of the phase "Its like any FPS out there, more of the same thing"..... its that apply to almost all FPS out there?? CoD or MoH for example....
And for Warhawk case, duh, some reviewers actually nail Warhawk just because it doesnt have single player and bot....

On non-exclusive game part.
Boy, Dirt ran better on PS3, IGN give the game a same score since the game delivered the same experience with 360 version, cool. However, that same philosophy didnt apply with IGN when it review game like Madden or Rainbow six, now, isnt that funny?

Well PS3 and Sony sure got a lot of hate from professional journalists....

Itachi3903d ago

and they say drakes fortune is like gears of war because of the over the shoulder view when this was implemented in resident evil 4 years ago but gave gears all the credit

its all bull with these reviewers better ported ps3 games getting downgraded but yet they give RE4 on the wii the same score even though the game is 3 years old

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eagle213903d ago

it's official, name a popular shooter that does not look and play like its predecessor. hint: rhymes with j-lo

Bnet3433903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

If you talk to anyone that has played Halo 1 and 2 (me), they will tell you those games DO NOT play the same at all. So I'm going to assume you commented for the sole purpose of trying to bash Halo. There was no need to bring Halo into this actually, but whatever makes you sleep at night I guess.

chrisin33903d ago

a good review if you read it through. However, the summary the submiiter gave tries to make it sound negative.

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