Sony readies huge push for Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray, may include PS3 bundle

Ars Technica reported on September 9 that their 'source' told them there could be a $400 PlayStation 3 released for the holidays, and that the Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray movie could be a pack-in for one or more of the PlayStation 3 flavors. It looks like the pieces are falling into place, as Sony begins a huge marketing blitz for the Blu-ray and DVD title.

It's clear that Spider-Man 3 is a very important property to Sony in general, and specifically for Blu-ray. Bundling the film with the PlayStation 3 or other Blu-ray players would be a strong push to get consumers into the new format.

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WIIIS13836d ago

Hahahaha. Yes, PS3 is not being used to sell Blu-ray.

nasim3836d ago

Transformers earned 770million dollars

SPidey 3 earned 900 million dollars.

all SPIDEY and PIRATES are bigger moeny earner than Transformers.

LION KING is coming this fall....along with other big disney titles exclusively to BD.

all those titles are exclusive to BD

leinadem23836d ago (Edited 3836d ago )

Spiderman 3 sucks; it was painful If you leave the first 20 minutes and some scenes of the end you might have the best episode of heroes.
they should release Pirates of the caribbean at the same time because S3 next to PotC:atWE would look less crappy.

UltramanJ3836d ago

But a $400 PS3 with Spidey 3 packed in sounds like a solid bundle for the holidays. They'd better back it up with some strong marketing for the system and games like Drake's Fortune, and Ratchet.

PStriple7033836d ago

you also have to push blu-ray

EZCheez3836d ago

And Sony distributes a $400 PS3 for the holidays, then I will be getting a second one. I'm tired of having to share with my wife so she can play Tekken.

leinadem23836d ago

get a PS2 for $99 if she only plays tekken

EZCheez3836d ago

Dark Resurrection. You can't play that on a PS2. And she likes to play it online. Yet another strike for the PS2.

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The story is too old to be commented.