Sony Announces PlayStation Suite for PS Gaming on Android Devices

GameDynamo - "At PlayStation Meeting 2011 in Tokyo, Japan, Sony's Kaz Hirai announced plans for PlayStation Suite. PS Suite is a hardware-neutral digital download service targeting Android-based devices that allows consumers to play PlayStation games via their Android smartphone or tablet."

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DJZed2457d ago

Now we're talking! Finally there might be a good reason to own a tablet.

ABizzel12457d ago

I couldn't agree more. This is not what I was expecting at all, but I love it. Sony just gave android it's killer app against the iPhone and iPad. I don't think people quite understand this yet, but YOU CAN PLAY PLATSTATION GAMES ON YOUR ANDROID PHONE OR TABLET. I think Sony finally realizes that they need to expand their audience, beyond the typical group of gamers, and reach as many people as they can.

I said Sony and Google have been sleeping around for the past few years, and if things keep going this way they may even tie the knot (Sogoogle or Googlny, that sounds awful never mind).

ComboBreaker2457d ago

That is just full of win.

Google/Sony is the future. Soggle/Goony is the future!

EliteDave932457d ago

Damn! i was soo hopin they announce some new features on PSN like cross-game-chat!

crazyclown2457d ago

e3 will be massive

Istanbull2457d ago

Cross game chat is a novelty, something that is hyped by xbox users to the skies.

PC and PS3 users don't miss anything actually.

LoVeRSaMa2457d ago

It will be about Cross Platform chat soon :D

sku7790tz2457d ago

makes sense. they are also doing psphone so they will release adroid-based psone classics to target it.

smart move and a win-win for sony. good revenues stream incoming at the same time supporting android market.

TBONEJF2457d ago


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