Video Games are important to develop "Social Skills"

According to a study, it has been concluded that video games are important for developing social skills and were video games "are not generally dangerous and may be interesting to use in school, family and educational institutions of all kinds in a double sense". The majority of respondents played video games. It also stresses that kids play more than girls and most successful games are derived from action and adventure.

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R2D22880d ago

Video Games are important to develop "Social Skills"

N4G says no.

guigsy2880d ago

Bollocks. I know that games are bad for my social life.

MiyagiSPG2880d ago

Least it isn't the usual negativity video games would generally receive.

Kakihara2880d ago

It's true, GTA taught me everything I know about interacting with society. Some people like to badmou.. shit, gotta go, I hear sirens. Catch you all later.

Smacktard2880d ago

What a crock. Video games do not help you develop social skills.

Playing online? DEFINITELY doesn't help you develop social skills?
Playing SP offline? No.
Playing multiplayer offline? Yes, but that's just because you're around PEOPLE. Doing ANYTHING with other people helps develop social skills. If you want a strong personality, surround yourself with people that have strong personalities. Video games are not the key.

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