Target expanding Blu-ray shelf space

Ps3fanboy: After hearing the great news that we're getting 13 new Blu-ray releases this week, even more good news has leaked out. Target is reportedly doubling its Blu-ray shelf space as the retail giant continues to favor Sony's HD format.

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DiLeCtioN3931d ago

where ya been man i dun see you online on psn anymore or isit my timing. we need to have a 1v1 game m8

Maddens Raiders3931d ago

Hell yeah DBZb we definitely need to link up.
I'll be on tonite. C-ya ; )

Codeman4203931d ago

Yea i did notice that my local target expanded the blu-ray section.

ReBurn3931d ago

When I was in Target looking for Heavenly Sword last week they already had twice as much shelf space for Blu-Ray as HD-DVD. They had two columns of HD-DVD and 4 columns of Blu-Ray. And the selection still sucked.

Covenant3931d ago (Edited 3931d ago )

Best Buy is doing the same...with both Blu-Ray AND HD-DVD.

uxo223931d ago

We heard about this last week and the week before.

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