Oh no, it's real-life Monster Hunter food

Joystiq: Japan's insatiable hunger for Monster Hunter can only be cured with ... actual food, inspired by Monster Hunter.

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AbyssGravelord2493d ago

Hope this can raise my stamina and defense just like in the game.

MisterAV2493d ago

In japan this summer I tried monster hunter beverages, like soda

VenomProject2493d ago

Lol...brings back memories of cooking "Raw Meat" on a spit.

rezzah2493d ago

Lol itd be cool if we could get some of that here, Eat some Rathalos Tails.

OhReginald2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

nothing i would want to eat...knowing that its not from a dinosaur...what animal is that even...

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